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Darina is doing the most challenging Chastity Deal of her life, yet it looks too easy for her! A big vaginal plug inside her 24 hours a day, and clover clamps on her nipples. Darina is just relaxing in the studio, even doing her fitness, and I keep thinking how to challenge her a bit more during this Deal!
I think the best way to make it a little harder is to make sure she is moving around a lot. That way she will definitely feel the plug and the clamps all the time, which will remind her of her contract conditions. In this update, I made her clean the entire room using only her mouth. A big penis gag with a duster attached to it will make sure Darina will have to bend over, crawl, and move around a lot, with her hands cuffed behind her back. I even got out some very tall high heels to make it harder for her.
Things can’t be hard enough for tough girl Darina, I have noticed. Many models couldn’t even deal with a plug for very long, let alone clamps! I almost thought she didn’t feel the clamps, until I caught her secretly removing them! I told her to reclamp herself immediately! She’s a bad girl, I have to keep my eye on her all the time. Good thing she can’t take off her belt, collar, or cuffs. They are locked on. I wish there was a way to lock nipple clamps on. Let me think about that.
Enjoy this awesome update of Darina as a plugged and clamped maid. If you want to be a Chastity Babe, don’t hesitate to contact me, even if you don’t want to be on this website there are always options for you to make some money!

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  1. chastity prisoner says:

    Hoi Ed,

    de eenvoudigste manier om tepelklemmen te fixeren is kabelbindertjes om de bek net onder de tepels. Maar die moet je dan strak aantrekken waardoor ze nog harder knijpen, iets wat misschien niet elk slachtoffer zal waarderen.
    wellicht beter: het holle asje in de centrale kolom ter hoogte van de knijppunten uitboren en vervangen door een 2 mm boutje (van de chinese cb’s) en een zelfborgend moertje.
    ze kan de klemmen dan gewoon op doen maar dan kunnen ze vastgezet worden, alleen te lossen met schroevendraaier+ sleutel.
    ik heb het niet uitgeprobeerd, misschien moet je alle 3 de draaipunten zo behandelen, maar dan kun je ze zeker niet openen.

  2. Ariel invented a way to lock on nipple clamps, remember?

  3. You need to add a chastity bra thigh bands spreader bar and cuffs double plug to her also

  4. JustBelted says:

    How to lock nipple clamps:

    Cuffing hands to the belt behind her back for additional security. Farina will be safe and secured then.

  5. Chastity bra open ring gag lockable rear plug lockable mitts and secondary shield

  6. Are more posts going to be added to the onlyfans? Specifically these posts? I just subbed over there was hoping to find more of them up.

  7. InfernalXXXX says:

    Hi, Darina wear nipples clamps 24/7? It hurt a lot, I can’t wear them for more than 1 hour!
    Courage to her!

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