chastity belt 

Young Adele is a strange girl in some ways. It is very hard to read her, because she is so shy and quiet. I’m always a bit more concerned when they don’t say much. But Adele assured me she is perfectly fine in her full chastity outfit. Her bra is tight, and it takes some getting used to. Her NeoSteel is also perfectly tight, but she says it is no problem AT ALL! The belt fits her so perfectly, she can wear it literally forever. That’s because the waist band is just above her hip bones, not ON them.
A good tip for you when you lock a girl in chastity: observe! You can tell by their movements how they are doing. As you can see in this video, I tell Adele to get up, get back on the bed, lay down, and more. This way, I can spot any problems even if she is not telling me. Adele is still moving very carefully, but that’s partly just because how she is (she says and does everything very deliberately), and of course she is still getting used to walking around in tight metal.
She signed the contract, now she is trying to make it. Adele is shy but super tough, I don’t think there will be any Challenges I can throw at her that will make her give up. She is super easy and like her fellow Italian babe Donna, Adele is just MEANT to be in chastity. It would be weird seeing her out of this gear, so I’m keeping her in it for as long as possible. Yes, I will be offering her a contract extension!

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  1. maybe you could put more gear on her snice she seems so fine about it all

  2. Would like to see her out & about waking around town with this gear on, seeing of anyone notices what she is wearing.

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