chastity belt 

Our hot asian duo returns for an all out lesbian love scene, this time in a more romantic setting. These girls can not stop touching each other so it is really interesting to have them both in chastity belts. What can they still do? Will they still get some pleasure from each other?

We have to say we did not expect so much pleasure still possible in chastity belts. Davon and Ting use all their senses to explore and caress, and the chastity belts only arouse them more. It will be hard to stop these two. The only things that we can think of is locking them both in a sturdy chastity bra, and also possibly a locking ballgag (they love licking way too much). Thigh bands might also be a good idea, you will understand why if you watch the video.

Well, it’s back to the drawing board for us, we would love to hear suggestions on how to stop these horny girls. Next time they will not be so lucky, that is for sure!

For now, just enjoy a super romantic lesbian chastity belt update, these girls are so hot you won’t believe it!


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  1. Love the Idea, ‘though I have to admit that I’m not a member at the moment and thus haven’t seen the video. Does the cb work? As fo me I think it depends on wether they come, or don’t. If you’re asking this question, however, you’d step into the area of porn. Not a bad thins as such – but you’d have to considder the pros and cons.
    I can Imagine a nice scenerio based on this situation: Lock the two girls in a room for let’s say 5 hours with both girls wearing a cb. After one hour, you tell them that one of the girls may take off the belt but only when the other agrees to wear a full chastity outfit including bra, thigh bands and gag. What will happen? Will they fight about who’s going to get the belt off? Will the highly secured girl still help the other to get off even if she knows that she will be only serving her sexuality and won’t be able to come with all the steel in her way?

  2. A short chain between chastity belts, made ​​it even more frustrating. Maybe a vibrating egg in one belt, to make one of them even hornier?

    • The Idea behind that is great – but I can’t imagine that this egg will do both, prevent her from comming and keep her horny…

      • Let her with the egg come and the other frustrated watch! ;-)

      • Not all women are capable of climaxing without clitoral stimulation. If you find such (and they are pretty frequent) and put the egg inside her pussy, she will not cum, but will be kept horny ;-)

  3. it would be very interresting to see how they could “love” each other in full chastity outfits

  4. Vance Blosser says:

    This would be great if each girl was wearing a radio controlled vibrator under her belt, and her partner had the control. You’d have to make sure to get different frequencies.

    You could have a contest to see which partner could push the other the closest to an orgasm without actually granting one. Breastplay would be encouraged!

    If a girl has an orgasm, she is the winner and gets to continue to torment her partner – perhaps for a day or so!

  5. Great update. I’d love to see a lesbian pair belted for a long time (like 90 days or something like that). I wonder how soon (if at all) they would stop making love to each other not to increase their frustration :-)

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