chastity belt 

This idea had been on my mind for a while, but I was a bit hesitant to do it. Shocking a girl in a very sensitive area is not for the faint hearted. And chastity belts are metal, so I had to find out a way to isolate the prongs from the shock unit so I wouldn’t short it out or electrify the entire belt!
Finally, I made a prototype. Now I just needed a girl crazy enough to test it. Someone who is not afraid. Ever. Remember Darina from Russia? She did an entire day locked in 4.5 kilos of steel, smiling all the time! She thinks my challenges are fun and she loves prize money, so she was a perfect candidate for the first test of the Shock Belt!
Fortunately for Darina, the unit can also be set to vibrate. So I got off to an easy start, testing the vibration, which was already a little scary for her. Not knowing when I was going to press the button was probably more of a tease than the actual vibrating of the belt. It is a very powerful unit so I could make her belt vibrate very hard! Darina liked it a lot!
The shock mode turned out to be very intense. Even at level 1 (out of 100), it was already almost too much for her. But brave Darina even tried level 2! It made her jump, and she laughed, but it was quite painful. Imagine having this unit under a dress and going out in public! Darina said that would be very strange for people to watch. This is very extreme thing to do. Don’t try it at home. I was scared of it, and I wasn’t even the one wearing it! Bless Darina, she is such a trooper! I love giving her the most interesting challenges!


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  1. Fanni Meyer says:

    This is perfect. Now use it (only with girls who consent on a meta level of course) keep her busy. Make her clean the studio or have her do whatever you want. Have her jump, dance, kneel stay quiet – it’s really all up to you. As long as she doesn’t have the key she can’t prevent you from punishing her… son don’t allow her to rest.
    This would also be a great tool for babes like Natalia Forrest who can’t stop complaining. You could press 1 for every moan, 5 for every complaint, 10 for angry looks and 100 for everytime she gives you the finger…in fact you could even punish her if she doesn’t smile and tell you what a god of a keyholder you are – ok, the last one is a bit sadistic – but hey, that tool is a real game changer.

  2. This is a real improvement! Now you really are in control of your chastitybabes

  3. Increase the surface area of the electrodes. Works much better. Also nothing wrong to use the belt itself as one of the electrodes. The second must be strategically placed electrode with large enough good contact area. Than it will shock, not burn.

  4. New invention is always welcome I wonder who will be the next to try this :D

    • I think it is very exciting, and that there would be no shortage of candidates.

      • I hope it will be Little Caprice or Stella Cox next, it’s gonna be fun to see their reaction but yeah of course this require certain level of consent because like the description said “Shocking a girl in a very sensitive area is not for the faint hearted”

  5. Darina is so hot when she’s shocked. Can’t wait to see more

  6. Contrary to popular belief, skin offers resistance (or ohms Ω)to current which is how you get the burn. Since this device is AC then it should be safe to use with a bi-polar toy with a much larger contact area such as a conical plug or an egg or a shaft. You should see a TENS reaction rather than just a sting. The two small points used here also magnify the current.

  7. Baron Gerome says:

    That’s great. Ivy is right. I would like to see little Caprice and Stella Cox too with such a shock belt. Dominique of course anyway.

    For your inspiration I have theoretically written a little book for the perfect high tech chastity belt. Perhaps you are interested in constructing such high tech belt. Technically it is possible to build. It’s no SciFi mindfuck.

  8. It seems to me that devices like that would be far more effective for behavior control (not to mention a lot more Humane) than present clinical methods.

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