chastity belt 

Remember Ulysse from France? She puzzles me, I don’t know what she wants. She keeps emaling me to come back for a Chastity Deal and Challenges, but when she is here she is very hesitant and everything is too much for her. She also gives me very confusing answers when I interview her.
When she was over for a 24-hour Challenge, I asked her if she could sleep in the belt, as 1 night would be included in the 24 hours. She wasn’t so sure about it, Ulysse said she might need a lot of pillows. But when I said she would probably be okay to go 24 hours without being able to touch herself, she suddenly answer that it might be very hard for her in the morning! Ulysse is naughty and kinky but also trying to avoid any hard Challenges. I don’t know what she wants.
Anyway, the first Challenge for this cute French girl was to cuff herself to the wall for a while. I gave her a pair of ankle cuffs and told her to lock one onto her boobs. That was very tight, and as expected: Ulysse did not like this at all. I instructed her to lock the other cuff to the wall, so she could only stand there, one boob cuffed to the wall, with no possibility to get out or sit down. Leaving her for a while, Ulysse just stood there, acting like it was all way too much for her.
When I returned a little bit later, she was almost complaining more than Natalia Forrest (almost, because that is not possible). I gave her the key and she quickly unlocked her boob, giving me very accusing looks. She knew this was only the first Challenge in her 24-hour Deal, so she tried to act all upset to make me go easy on her. What do you think? Is Ulysse really that sensitive or is she just trying to get away with the easiest Challenges?

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