chastity belt 

With Cobie hanging out at my studio, every day was a lot of fun! I told her I preferred it if she didn’t wear any clothes, and she was happy to do that (in the studio and in the chastity mansion where she stayed). Just a cheerful nude Cobie running around the studio, being very curious about anything and everything.
She opened all cupboards to have a look inside, she tried on a lot of things, and she kept asking me questions about all the stuff she found in the studio. One of the Chastity Deal days she found this box that was sent to me by a very friendly fan. I had it in the studio for weeks, I opened it before and it contained many pairs of shiny leggings. Or shiny pants, as some people might call them.
Cobie asked me if she could try them. She LOVES shiny tight clothes (it’s true, ask her). I grabbed my camera and got ready, because this would be an awesome opportunity for a little photo shoot. Cobie looked absolutely amazing in those shiny leggings! Combined with stunning high heels, her legs just looked incredible! Don’t miss this picture set and video clip!
Oh, and people who always tell me you can’t wear tight clothes when you are locked in a chastity belt: study these pictures! Cobie is wearing a rigid NeoSteel belt and it is hardly visible (except for the padlock at the front). No reason to dress in baggy clothes when you are belted! Cobie proves you can be sexy in chastity, as she has proven many times before.


4 comment(s) to “Cobie – shiny pants”

  1. You gotta love the kinky nature of this beautifull girl

  2. NICE!!! Absolutely love the outfit and love Cobies hair color. NICE!!! Cobie is absolutely fantastic but i certainly miss her NIPPLE PIERCINGS!!!! Cobie should get her NIPPLES RE-PIERCED!!! NICE!!!!!!

  3. Very nice leggings
    Could you tell us the brand and size on cobie.
    PS an outdor shooting in disco should be so kinky in this outfit …Maybe a good idea

  4. Delicious update! Cobie is very sexy, and in this get up she is simply stunning!

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