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Some girls think a Casting is just a quick job while they are in Holland. Like Keira Lavelle, she was in the Netherlands and she saw my Casting call so she decided to drop by. Many of her friends had already been here, so she thought it would be fun to check out the studio and do a quick Casting, hoping to do a Chastity Deal later this year when she comes back.
But a Casting usually takes about 4 or 5 hours. Because I want the girls to get used to the belt and I want to see how they deal with a metal device locked onto their body. It is not easy, if you have never been belted before. After about 30 minutes, Keira said: ‘are you going to let me out now, I have been in this for an hour now’. When I told her that it would actually be 4 hours, she became a bit angry with me. But girls never get too threatening, because they know I have the key so I might even add more hours if they aren’t nice to me.
I even told Keira to padlock her collar to the bed. This way I was sure she would stay there for a few more hours. Reluctantly, she followed my orders. Keira looked so nice in the Carrara belt, I wanted to keep her in the studio for as long as possible. Although the belt was a perfect fit, I think she would have to wear a waist style belt for her Chastity Deal when she returns. Keira Lavelle is known for her incredible ability to suck in her waist to very narrow proportions, it would be an incredible challenge for her to wear a waist belt that is ultra tight! She would have to change her breathing and movement for the duration of the Deal! That would be incredible to see! Let’s just hope she wants to return after this Casting took a lot longer than she expected!


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  1. While belt tightening, corset play and other forms of waist cinching might be fun in the short term, they would not be recommended for a chastity deal. I’d stick with what works.

  2. I hope to see Keira Lavelle back for more hours belted and a waist chastity belt I think look good on her.

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