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Does everything always go smooth during Chastity Deals? No, it certainly doesn’t. I heard Stella call my name from the other room and when I rushed in I found her panicking and crying. She didn’t make much sense at first, but then I understood she wanted to go to the toilet. She needed to go ‘number 2’ which is perfectly possible in a My-Steel belt with the large anal opening.
Stella was double plugged, but the anal plug was just a large jewel buttplug that she could take out through the belt’s opening. The problem was: it wouldn’t come out! Stella was very stressed and scared: she had been trying to pull out the anal plug for over an hour. It just wouldn’t come out. Of course, inside her the vaginal plug was pressing against it, so she sobbingly asked me if she could remove the belt so she could try to remove the anal plug without having the front plug inside her.
I have to honest, I first thought she was faking her panic, trying to get me to unlock her belt. But I quickly realized it was serious. And a stuck buttplug is not something I would like to handle in a Chastity Deal. I let her take off her belt but by then Stella was too hyper and stressed to even breathe normally. She had tensed up, her body was shaking and she was desperately trying to pull at the big jewel buttplug. It wasn’t coming out, and I remembered she didn’t use any lube to put it in.
She would need to relax, but how could I get this crying panicking girl to relax? I could only think of one solution. Something I have NEVER done in a Chastity Deal: I gave her a magic wand and allowed her to cum. It really was the only way to get her muscles to relax. Stella didn’t believe it would help, but she gladly took the wand and did what she had been wanting to do for days: she had a beautiful orgasm! And yes, the buttplug came out without much effort after that.
I still don’t know if it was a very elaborate trick with some amazing acting, or whether the plug was really stuck (it felt stuck when I tried to pull it out). Do you think she played me? Watch the video and comment below!

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  1. The alternative are to either try to get some lube in around the buttplug or wet it, or you can treat it like constipation and giver her a laxative, or something high in fiber. (They sell gummies for that at the pharmacy). But relaxing the rectum is also important so you have to do what you can to get her out of a panic.

  2. P.S. Maybe skip the rear plug next time?

  3. P.P.S. go #2 before using a rear plug

  4. Some buttplugs even have a ring on the end and have been known to have leads attached.

  5. Very interesting update.

    Alhtoug not so sexy, this shows that you’re doing it REAL. And sometimes life happens, when you try it for real. Still, you’re doing a great job!

    Hmmm. 1# Always lube back plugs. 2# Note to self: Horny girls might get muscle cramped if they’re not released after being continuously horny. Careful with steel plugs.

  6. It is really important to go number 2 before using a buttplug and it’s also great advice to use a small one and no vaginal dildo at the same time if you’re a first timer…worst case scenario are cramps on both “sides”

  7. when do we see your knew slave

  8. This can be a thing to remember for those who always want the girls to have double plugs. The body must be able to make the natural functions and then not obstructed by a plug.

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