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Wow, the landlord in Spain definitely does not make easy Chastity Deals. I think mine (here in Holland) are easier, but also a lot colder of course. To go to the Spanish villa, you will have to agree to be nude, belted, and put to work!!
Muriel and Anna are doing everything they can to make the landlord happy, cleaning the kitchen, making the beds, and cleaning the patio. But it is never enough, it is a big villa and there is always work to be done. There will be some free time during the day (some breaks) and the evenings are usually also free. Which means the girls can really party and drink, and even go for a swim in the pool, although if they make a huge mess, they will have to clean that up the next day again.
It is still a good Deal though. A free holiday in Spain with flights, food, and accommodation. Both German girls reported to me they were very happy with their 7 day trip! Especially Muriel, who is so kinky she could be belted forever! She is a wild spirit and nudity does not bother her at all. If it takes a chastity belt to get free stuff, Muriel will not even complain. She just loves travelling and being outdoors in the sun!
Anna is a bit more reserved, and she would never have agreed on this Deal if her friend Muriel wouldn’t have convinced her to come. But looking at these videos, I think Anna is getting completely used to running around in a belt, because she moves freely and has no visual problems during any of her chores. The girls are quite good at cleaning and making beds actually! I am thinking of getting them (or at least Muriel) to Holland again soon, because maintaining the Chastity Mansion is a lot of work! Maybe a plugged belt when Muriel comes over? I am already looking forward to it!


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  1. A deal like this can surely be hard. But for those who are realy into this kind of lifestyle, it can also be very rewarding. During these seven days Muriel and Anna are constantly reminded of that one thing they cannot have because they have to be naked in a totally sexualized scenerio and therefore cannot hide their chastity belts. Psychologically, this is very beautiful. You can really see, how the chastity belts are turning them into obedient submissives. How the belts help them to overcome lazyness. They both hold on to their chores because the landlord is the key holder. It would also be very nice to see how they’d both work even harder for their landlords if they’d been forced to wear a lockable shock collar too.

  2. Capt Obvious says:

    I love these ‘daily life’ type videos.

    THANK YOU for *not* having any cigarette smoking scenes in this. Smoking it a total turn-off for me.

    Could you do some more videos where the ladies are trying on different clothes in front of the mirror (in chastity,) checking themselves out, getting naked again and trying again with different clothes? This gives us a lot of angles and a lot of ways of imagining them…

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