chastity belt 

PolandNot a bad day when you can put one of the world’s most stunning babes in your jail cell, all cuffed up and belted! Alisa is definitely a Chastity Babe! Her incredible curves are even more accentuated by her tight Y-style chastity belt and her boobs are too large for any chastity bras I have but they are so spectacular it would be a shame to cover them up.
Alisa had been getting ready for a long time, doing her hair and makeup. She knew there would be a surprise challenge coming up, but she didn’t know what to expect. When I got out the prison waist chain with handcuffs on the sides and the ankle cuffs, Alisa realized her surprise wasn’t going to be a fun one. She was soon locked in restraints and taken to her cell, where I locked her collar to the wall with a heavy chain. This is where she would spend some time, and it would not be as easy as it seemed.
By accident, Alisa sat down on one of her ankle cuffs. It wasn’t double locked so it tightened. She tried to get comfortable on the matress but it was almost impossible for her to lie down, with her wrists chained to her sides and her neck chained to the wall. I loved watching her deal with her restraints, Alisa is so stunning, to see a gorgeous woman in trouble like this… pretty exciting!
After a while, I decided to toss her a key. It was only the key for the handcuffs and leg irons, but Alisa thought she was going to be let out already! Imagine her disappointment when the key did not work on the collar chain (nor on her chastity belt of course). False hope is the most frustrating thing when you are in chastity! She was not getting out any time soon, but with the cuffs off she could at least get a bit more comfortable in her jail cell.

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  1. you could of let here leave her lingerie on

  2. She is beautiful, and the setting is wonderful. The jail cell is very convincing. Hopefully we will see her in thigh bands and a gag soon!

  3. I love the creative use of the wrist cuffs. Well done! Hopefully we will see her in thigh bands soon! She is beautiful.

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