chastity belt 

So we found this key on the street (true story) and the label said ‘9B’, which is one of the units next to my studio! Now, if you remember this update, you will know that Cobie loves exploring buildings, especially when she is not supposed to be in there!
And that’s what we did. We entered the building without permission. It was exciting and illegal, but we did it. Cobie was very curious about this space, and I have to say, I was pretty interested myself. Inside, there was a pile of mail and some dead bugs. No one had been in there for quite a while! Cobie had fun exploring the dark building, flashing her chastity belt to the camera like she always does when she is wearing short dresses. She is so naughty! Cobie was trespassing IN a chastity belt! How much more naughty can you get!
After looking around for a while, we decided the building was pretty boring, so we went outside again. There, Cobie started flashing her belt to cars and cyclists. She always does that, there is no stopping her! It’s so much fun to have her back in Holland, and in the belt, Cobie is perhaps the most natural of all Chastity Babes! Even though the belt is tight, she doesn’t complain nearly as much as other girls, and she seems cheerful. Perhaps (and this is important) even more cheerful than when she is not belted. Think about that! She is just the best!

4 comment(s) to “Cobie – exploring”

  1. If you’ve never seen a modern chastity belt before and a girl flashes one at you, what’s the first image that comes to mind?

    A mirror finish with a black lining. Kind of like someone cut up an old pay phone and put her in it.

    • I donĀ“t think the person who see a chastity belt for the first time on a girl, think “chastity belt”.

      Our minds try to understand what we see and use what we already know. I think this person thought would be that this girl wears a pair of panties in very glossy fabric, like liquid metal.

  2. Could you arrange an update with a wevibe with Coby?, it would be one hell of an update seeing Coby on edge.

  3. If I wanted to be a keyholder for a lady and was prepared to pay for that, would there be any ladies interested in a monthly stipend for it to help out the bills so to speak? if so how do I find one?

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