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This is seriously good news! Cobie is back!! One of our top Chastity Babes, a very sweet and sexy girl who truly loves to get belted and challenged! Of course, she can’t be here very often, as she is from Australia, but she made it all the way over here for an epic Chastity Deal!
After more than 24 hours travelling time, Cobie finally arrived in Amsterdam. She was tired and wanted to sleep for a few days first, to get into the new timezone and to rest from her mega journey. Of course, I took her to the studio first to get belted and collared. And tired as she was, Cobie agreed she should be locked first before we went to the house she would be staying at.
Cobie will be in Amsterdam for a record-breaking 37 days! This means she will be doing a longer Chastity Deal than she has ever done before! She choose the NeoSteel over the FancySteel for this deal, as it is the most comfortable and secure belt. She wasn’t sure about the collar (because it keeps her up at night), but I insisted on a collar for the entire Deal too. More than 5 weeks in a belt!
Of course, we had to go visit BoundCon in Munich together, so while flying back and forth to Munich she couldn’t be belted. And there would be daily cleaning/toilet breaks as well. Apart from other duties like photo shoots or BoundCon bondage appearances, Cobie would be belted for the best part of 5 weeks! That’s a long challenge!
In today’s update you will see Cobie lock herself back in the NeoSteel after more than a year! Still a perfect fit! She looks so great, and I am very happy to have her back for more adventures in chastity! Don’t miss this update, Cobie is one of the best!


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  2. james smith says:

    make sure you and plugs chains and chastity bra and and a gag

    • MasterChris says:

      Colbie can’t wear the plugs for extended periods as she can’t move.

      I think she should definitely be edged at least once per week though and have her first orgasm after being released filmed like some of the other models. Those were by far the hottest shoots on this site. :)

  3. ANnon82 says:

    I noticed that while Cobie did try an E-Stim butt-plug back in July of 2015 she has yet to do a regular plugged belting update on the site. As such I hope that at some point during this chastity deal Cobie will try either the vaginal or the anal plug that you have for the NeoSteel belt.

    What I would really enjoy seeing is Cobie out and about in public with a nice short dress or skirt in the summer while plugged. Something like the Donna “CB 308” update, except with a plug, or the Vina “CB 416” update. Maybe even try two different days a few weeks apart, one outing with the vaginal plug and the other with the anal plug.

    I also noticed in this updates as well as in past, that complicated patterns on a dress like the one that Cobie wears here works really well for hiding stuff like chastity belts underneath. I think I read somewhere that people in the ABDL community say the same thing in that regard.

  4. Michael says:

    She’s beautiful. I only fear that this is still too easy for her, as she is so used to being belted. But still I look forward to this deal.

  5. I would really like to see her pee through the belt as this is never featured on this site (I know this is kind of niche).

  6. Nice to see Cobie back in Europe and of course, the HUGE GIANT ENORMOUS chastity bra is waiting for her…

  7. Lock her with a chastity bra!!

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