chastity belt 

Abigail did not really understand the Chastity Deal I guess, because she was panicking a little bit when she tried to get comfortable on the bed. She called me to come upstairs and said she had a problem. Abigail needed to go to the toilet. She thought she had lost her Deal now and she was debating if she would stay locked or ask me to unbelt her for the toilet, losing all of the prize money.
She felt really bad she wasn’t going to make it, but I told her she could have a little toilet break. Abigail was very happy to hear that! She couldn’t believe she could actually have a small break to use the toilet. It was actually in her contract, but I don’t think the girls read all of that. For the more experienced girls, I will normally allow only one toilet break a day. If they want any more, they will have to pee through the perforated shield, that’s what it’s for after all.
But with Abigail, it’s her first Deal so I was a bit more lenient. She needs to get used to the belt, that’s all I wanted for the weekend. The thigh bands were hard enough already, especially for a first time, but I thought they looked so good at her Casting I just couldn’t resist. I was also thinking about adding a chastity bra for the last day of this weekend Deal, even though I don’t have any with white trim. Find out next time to see if I did that!

4 comment(s) to “Abigail – still locked”

  1. james smith says:

    take her bra off

  2. LoveSteel says:

    Yes add the chastity bra, it will look stunning on her. The color of the trim is much less important. Abigail does great. Love it!

  3. Poor girl. Just imagine how long she may heve held her pee before daring to ask and risking her money. Then again chastity is about fighting your corporal needs, isn’t it?

    • Like the webmaster said: One bathroom break limit for girls new to these kind of deals. Abigail will just have to learn the same hygiene practices.

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