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PolandCollecting babes from all countries! I don’t think we had a Polish Chastity Babe before? Alisa wanted to do a Casting for our site, and she is a stunner! I locked her in a Y-style chastity belt before she could change her mind and started filming her when she was doing her makeup, to see if she had any issues sitting in a chastity belt for the first time in her life.
Alisa seemed to be doing fine. She is a tall girl, with a great figure, so a waist-style belt was definitely the right option for her. A wide locking metal collar was also added, something that Alisa liked very much. Girls these days love collars because it’s trendy now, so it is a lot easier to lock a collar on a girl than a few years ago. Alisa went and got a nice white sheer dress to put over her belt, so the belt was still visible. She seemed very quiet and submissive ever since I had collared her, she must have really gotten into it.
To test her, I gave her a pair of handcuffs without saying anything. And yep: Alisa locked them onto her wrists like she had been expecting it. Very strange, we never discussed any restraints before the shoot. Let’s just say this Polish babe is not just stunning, she certainly has submissive feelings lurking beneath her drop-dead gorgeous surface. It was a real treat holding the keys to her belt, collar, and handcuffs for a few hours, and I would certainly invite her back for a Chastity Deal if comments and emails are positive ;)
Enjoy this gorgeous belted girl!


11 comment(s) to “Casting Alisa”

  1. LoveSteel says:

    Looks like Alisa has what it takes to become a chastity babe. Great she likes to be locked in handcuffs as well. So yes offer her a nice deal. Also make sure to introduce her to the bra also. Well done!

  2. Please incorporate a we vibe in her plugged challenge of 2 days, this will keep her on edge during 2 VERY long days.

  3. Piercedguy says:

    While I admire and respect all the models appearing on this site, this fine young lady from Poland is from another planet. Her absolutely amazing body combined with her noble face and her playful and positive attitude towards chastity makes a mindblowing combination. Perfect is the right word! It would definitely be a great pleasure to see this fine young lady in a longer deal, witness her strugling with the need to touch the most delicate (and hopefully very needy) parts of her perfect body – and to see her fail in this attempt. Again and again.

  4. That collar and belt look really great on her. If she is willing to do a deal, then go for it. Minimum time should be a couple of days, preferably a week or more.

  5. To all of the Mel Brooks fans: Doesn’t this dress and belt combo remind you of Amy Yasbeck as Maid Marian after her bath?

  6. She is definitely a keeper! She just started out but she is ready to become a proper chastity babe. Her gorgeous looks and awesome body but also, her submissiveness is amazing. I was very please to find out that she just locked these handcuffs on her wrists with no prompt. Next time, after the handcuffs are securely locked around her beautiful wrists, give her a padlock too and don;t say anything. She’ll probably lock her cuffed wrists to her collar! Quite impressive for her first time, she’s got a few more interesting “toys” to get acquainted with in the future!

  7. Hellethia says:

    Great update, amazing girl !

    Any way to find this collar somewhere for sale ? Steelbound or elsewhere ?

  8. Wow! nice.. can’t wait next posts

  9. Woow really nice girl :)

  10. Capt Obvious says:

    What are those 2 ‘pegs’ on the front of the belt, at the side of the secondary shield near the perforated grate?