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Yasmine tried to get some sleep in the belt. She knew it would be hard, but it was only one night, so if she couldn’t sleep it would not be a huge problem. Still, she was very tired and she wished she had not signed the 24-hour Home Deal.
The Access Denied belt was tight on her waist, so she struggled to find a good sleeping position. Maybe she was also getting a little excited, because she threw the blankets off while squirming around. She got some sleep, but most of the night she was adjusting and fighting the belt. She even started talking to her belt, saying: ‘you, Mister Belt, are coming off today’, which is pretty funny. Imagine Yasmine in a longer Deal! She would go crazy!
Unfortunately she was right. The belt would come off after this night. She would have to take the 2 hour tram and train journey again to my studio, where I was waiting with the key. The funny thing was that some of you had sent in a custom video request with Yasmine, so she wasn’t unlocked straight away, but had to spend a few more hours in my studio doing all kinds of (tight and hard) bondage things for a few lucky people who managed to get their custom orders in!
Yasmine is a challenge girl. And of course, the prize money helps a lot. So she asked me if there was any chance of a new Chastity Deal. I’m already thinking of giving her some new challenges, although she won’t do any plugs there should be plenty of other evil things we can do to her! Help me by sending in your suggestions! Here are some hints: she loves super tight bondage, she can handle shocks (pads or collar, not plugs), and she looks super hot in full chastity (just look at some of her first updates). Yasmine is also available for custom exclusive videos, don’t forget to order yours soon!

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  1. Way not plug?

  2. LoveSteel says:

    A much longer home deal of at least a week would be fun especially when the bra is included. Love it!

    • Everybody is entitled to their own opinion…

      yet I don’t wanna see those boobs locked away. I’d like to see a video in which this girl uses everything she has (inluding these gorgeous boobs) to plead for a releas – and then be denied…for now.

  3. Yasmine is beutiful.

    Simple: a long deal like it was with Donna. Home or away, I don’t care. Just locked up in a comfortable but frustrating belt for long.

  4. Dear Webmaster,

    I love your site, I love your models, Yasmin is one of the 10 best girls ever on this site (maybe even top 5), but why don’t you ever try some more playful approaches. I mean you do have babes and you do have chastity belts. you do have add-ons like plugs, thigh bands, bras and collars, but you never seem to do anything else but lock them up for either one shoot or a fixed amount of time and film them in everyday life. For me that has worked for the last seven years (been there from the start, not always a member, but sometimes) but right now I feel like I would like some extra fun.

    Why not do things like:

    Lock a girl into a belt and give her certain tasks or challenges she has to complete in order to get out. I mean isn’t the chastity game all about not knowing exactly when you get a relief? You could go absolutely crazy with these tasks
    (e.g. Have her cook for you, sing a song for the members, go out in public an flash the belt, beat you at a board game, clean the apartment etc.)

    Lock a girl up and let her try to seduce a keyholder into letting her out? You once had that beautiful idea with the double-lock-belt. How come we never saw that idea acted out in one of your videos?

    Why not have 4 or 5 girls play chastity-poker with chips not equaling money but hours/days they don’t have to spend in chastity?

    Why not play this kind of game? Two belted girls locked into 2 appartments with both of them having no information about what the other is doing. Now here comes the challenge. Only the girls who lasts longer can win the prize money – however, neither of the two will learn if the other one has given up ot not, unless they give up themselves. In order to speed things up and make giving up more tempting, you could start of with only a belt and then add more gear everyday.

    Or to put it in short. Why not have some fun with this site? I’m sure, members would love it…

  5. She is indeed lovely!

    I would hope to see a deal with her (or another model) where the release date is not fixed, but depends on some external factors (such as user votes, dice roll, etc.). It’s too easy (and sometimes a little boring) if a girl just decides to stay in the appartment for 24 hours until she is released.

    • I agree. I’d also love to see a deal in which Yasmin doesn’t know when she’s gonna get out.

      I’m not sure about user votes, though.. (wouldn’t users always vote to not let her out?)
      and some dice are nice but pure chance…

      I’d rather see her try hard (at basically anything – that’s the beauty of it) in order to get out

      • LoveSteel says:

        Nice challenge would be to promote chastity belts for both men and women in Utopia and all candidates should be in a belt without access to the keys. Then even the Utopia show would become interesting… :)

        • Utopia? Has that something to do with this website or is that a somewhat poetic fantasy? I’m a bit puzzled – or not quite sure what to say. I do love that chastity fantasy. But to me, unlocking is one hell of an important aspect to that game. Nobody having ever acces to the key kind of ruins that in my mind. I’ve always fancied a girl wearing a belt for me. What a great gift that would be. I couldn’t give her nothing in return. I would unlock her from time to time and let her know, whom she is doing that for…
          …but maybe that’s just me

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