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Guess what? I caught my studio assistant dressed up as a little Santa’s helper (I guess that makes me Santa), recording a Christmas message for all of you! She is just so cute! You have asked me to feature her more on this site, so here she is: my real life assistant Anahí, who ALWAYS has to wear her super tight red My-Steel chastity belt, collar, and cuffs when she is working in the studio.
Now, as a few of you have noticed, she forgot to wear her collar and cuffs recently and you have suggested I should punish her for that by adding a chastity bra to her work uniform. It will make her even more focused on her tasks. I never added a bra to her uniform, because I wanted to give her a matching (red) My-Steel bra, but that’s very expensive.
After some thought, I think you were right and I decided to give her a (temporary) chastity bra for Christmas! Anahí did not expect this, but she wasn’t scared either, I think she always suspected that a bra would be added at some point. Well, today is the day, Anahí got a (tight) chastity bra for Christmas, and even though it does not have red trim, it still looks amazing on her! It will also help new Chastity Babes to accept a bra more easily, since there will be someone in the studio who is already wearing one, and Anahí can give them tips (mainly for breathing and sleeping) from her own experience.
Merry Christmas from me and Anahí, we hope you will give your partner the gift of chastity too! Remember, all girls should be in chastity all the time! And if you want to make it about equality, guys should be in chastity all the time too! It makes life so much more exciting! Enjoy your holidays and stay locked!

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  1. I would be more than willing to contribute to a sort of “Go Fund me” thing to get Anahi an appropriate My-Steel bra.
    I’m not a HUGE fan of the chastity bras (or thigh things), but there’s an exception to every rule !
    So who else would be willing to contribute ?

  2. Yea, this is great! Finally Anahí has a nice shiny locked bra too. Great present from Santa so well done Santa! It really does look great on her, she is sooo cute. Great that this will be her new uniform from now on. Love every bit of it. Anahí should wear it all the time and even sleep in it. And the great thing is that you do not have to take it off to wash it. Have a wonderful and great Christmas Anahí! You must be thrilled now.

    And yes, guys should be in chastity too all the time, I fully agree!

  3. Just looked at the my-steel site for the bra. Yes it really is expensive. But my impression is that it does not look better than the Chinese one. Actually I was shocked how the my-steel looked. The Chinese even look a bit better because the chains are directly connected to the band and not via padlocks as my-steel does. To make the Chinese more secure you can replace the screws with rivets once the size is good. Then it cannot be taken of by removing the screws. And for the same amount of money for one my-steel, you can fit at least ten girls with a Chinese bra and ten is always better than one of course.

    Also the lock for a Chinese belt can be more secure by welding the locking pin to the base plate. Now it usually is fixed with a hex screw that can be undone even while wearing it using any standard Allen key. When welded, the lock really needs a key to be opened. If the key is lost, you will have a problem especially when the belt is riveted also. With some work security of Chinese belts can be improved a lot.

  4. Post a link I’m in…

  5. I love you in red heels

  6. Unknownthing268 says:

    This is perfect, the longer she wears it the better, she needs to make up for not wearing her collar and cuffs in previous updates

  7. she almost has a full chastity outfit; and will be an even better studio assistant

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