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Whenever new Chastity Babes emerge, I am on the case! Of course you have all seen a few pictures of Dirty Mary in her own Access Denied belt, she is making a name for herself in the fetish scene very fast! Her belt is very awesome and a great fit! I contacted her to see if she was interested to become a Chastity Babe, which means she would be locked in her belt more often (and longer) by her Master, for the pleasure of you, the members.
Mary agreed to show her chastity and fetish lifestyle to us, and she made this introduction video from her home in Finland. She talks about herself, what her interests are, the parties she visits, and which kinky things she owns. Of course, she shows us her tight Access Denied belt, to which she does not have the keys. Her Master locks her up quite often (and now even more), but she never exactly knows when she will be locked and how long.
Mary will hopefully come to Holland next year, to do a Chastity Deal with me. She will of course be staying at the apartment, locked in her own belt from the minute she lands in Amsterdam! I am looking forward to hosting her! Meanwhile, she is available for member requests and she will happily answer any questions about herself and her belt. Please welcome Mary to this website by leaving some nice comments. It’s always great to add girls who actually have their own belts and are really into the lifestyle!

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  1. Great addition, welcome Mary, good choice by the way, an access denied belt.
    Hope to see more off you soon.

  2. Welcome Mary!

    Looking forward to hearing and seeing more from you soon.

  3. Hyvä Suomi! =)

  4. Dear Marry,
        I would like to ask you about your experience with wearing a chastity belt, especially when it is most problematic to have a belt wearing and doing some activity:
    Common life – work, traveling, driving a car
    Sports – what sports have you tried to do? You’ve ever been to a swimming pool, a sauna. massage, fitness center, yoga, running, cycling

    What would you like to experience in the chastity belt?


    • DirtyMary says:


      I`m experienced chastity belt wearer. In my previous relationship i have used many different chastity belts, like My Steel, Neo Steel and super rare Tollyboy belt. I have also tried chastity bra, and all kind of accessories, like thigh bands, cuffs and collars. Even chastity corset. My ex fiancee was really into steel bondage and females in chastity :). So i have gone through lot of different situations in everyday life while wearing belt.

      Yes i have been in sauna wearing chastity belt. I have also been in public beach while wearing belt :).
      Riding bicycle is a bit difficult but going to gym or yoga is absolutely possible ! Even though it is bit uncomfortable in some yoga positions.

      I did not had full time job when i was wearing belt more frequently so that was not problem. Also it does not affect my fetish model career. I just take belt off (or my boyfriend takes it off,actually) when i have latex or lingerie shootings where is not possible to belt shown.

      My belt is super comfortable so it is possible to do everything while wearing it.
      What i like to experience with a belt.. well, i would love to go public places wearing chastity belt with thigh bands under the skirt. That is something what i have not done yet :)

  5. Hello,

        thank you for your responses. As I got to the chastity belt I: I am a man and 8 years ago (2009 year) we tried with a woman to conceive a child. Unfortunately, the problem was, the woman had been taking hormonal antidepressants for a long time, and despite her discontinuation it did not succeed after a year. After a year of endeavor, she underwent all the tests and proved to be perfectly well. Then came the line to me – I visited a doctor, underwent a consultation, a blood test, and a momentum of sperm. It turned out that even with me everything is in perfect order and our blood groups are in compassionate agreement. He recommended seven days of abstinence before the fertile days of a woman. Unfortunately, it was not my best to endure, so we and my wife decided to unconditionally try the men’s chastity belt. The choice eventually fell to Neosteel, it continued to focus, lasted production … I estimate it for 2 months. After the first week of wearing, the woman became pregnant – healthy twins were born to us. I do not hide the chastity belt from Neosteel, which I like in my essence – a very interesting fetish and I have extended it to the Neosteele masterpiece – both total and sports, but it turns out that the total is more comfortable than the sport. The chastity belt was also solved by my wife’s fears during the pregnancy when her hormones worked, if I did not treat her with a strange woman. Still, I have a job when traveling for several days with my colleagues from work and business partners, often associated with overnight stay at the hotel.
        After some time, about 4 years after the birth of our sons – twins, I was locked again in a chastity belt and quite aroused. I convinced my wife to take a quick action to relieve … despite the fact that her wife should not have fertile days, she got pregnant and today we have a healthy baby for a year and seven months.

        I can say that thanks to Reinhold Mende of Neosteel I can also thank my wife for having healthy children and a harmonious relationship.

        Why did I ask about different constraints – it is very difficult to compare my experiences with the chastity belt. I do not have to remember long: Traveling in the belt mainly in Poland is demanding, the toilets are not exactly on a hygienic level – except for gas stations.
    Sports is in some way scorpion – not once I asked a woman to unlock my belt so I could stay in the woods for a long time or for a few days – it did not happen without the suspicion of having another woman: o)), I learned in the belt running its daily 8 km, cycling is possible, but only shorter routes within 30 km.

        there were embarrassing and fun experiences: Once we celebrated our birthday with my friends and it came to a stage when one of them began to seduce me. It was not possible to explain to her that I can not have sex with her and I did not mean to say that I was wearing a chastity belt-yet, it’s the secret between me and my wife. Unfortunately, it was not possible to crumble. She did not understand why I was wearing a steel belt locked with a pulley – she asked me to take it off immediately – it was really embarrassing to repeat it all the time that I could not just take it off …

    I would certainly remember many more experiences, but it would take much longer to write – I would like to give room to other interviewers.

    Perhaps I have one more question: how long was you locked in your belt and did you manage to achieve orgasm? Personally, though I did not, I managed to achieve 2 orgasms in 6 years. I can write how ….


    • DirtyMary says:

      Nice story, thanks for sharing :)

      Longest period i have been in a belt without release is few weeks. It was hard time :) My boyfriend likes also sex, so i don`t wear belt all the time. Later you will see clips how we manage our sex life while i`m wearing belt ;)

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