chastity belt 

Katerina is a very experienced and dominant woman. She is so confident. I really wanted her to wear a chastity belt with a big plug inside, but I was almost sure she would refuse.
I tried it anyway :) Since it was her birthday, I told her I had a present for her. When she took a good look at the belt, she thought the plug was just for decoration and she could take it out before trying on the belt. It was a large 5-ball plug, and when it became clear to Katerina I wanted her to try this belt, she told me she had to go get her ‘gel’ (her lube). I was surprised! She actually was going to do it!
Carefully locking herself in the belt, the plug sliding in very slowly, Katerina thought I was going to let her out right away. We joked around for a little while, I even convinced her to pull her bra down to reveal her world famous boobs. But when I told her I was going to keep the keys for a few hours, she changed her attitude. She was no longer playing along with this joke, she was getting serious! First she begged me to give the keys back, and when that didn’t work, she tried to threaten me. “I’ll kill you!”, is what she said, and I think she meant it. Katerina is fierce! I just cowardly ran away, knowing she couldn’t walk very fast with the big plug inside her.
I think I may have made her a little bit mad on her birthday, but she later admitted it was not all that uncomfortable. She was actually quite excited by the feeling of the big plug inside her, but it just wasn’t the way she intended to spend her birthday. She will learn what it means to come over here… if she ever comes back…

4 comment(s) to “Katerina Hartlova – a nice present”

  1. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a birthday to me

  2. A very big shiny steel bra would also look good on her. And add some remote control stuff to the outfit, always fun.

  3. Wish this was an anal scene! She’s so awesome!

  4. Max Harper says:

    Thought you’d release her right away? Was this a case of a four hour minimum? Maybe you should have said, “Katerina, any woman who accepts being belted stays belted for four hours. So unless you can somehow get it off without a key, which I’m sure you can’t, you will spend the next four hours locked in it.” But then, would she still have done it?

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