chastity belt 

Donna needed to go shopping quite soon after she was belted, because she found out that it is not possible to wear jeans over the Carrara belt. There is a big bulge in front, and tight jeans don’t fit over this. The problem was that Donna bought 3 pairs of jeans and not much else.
So I took her to the city, to get some stretchy pants and some other essentials. The weather wasn’t really great, but that gave Donna a chance to wear a big coat to hide her collar a bit. I don’t think she really did mind when people saw the collar, because she forgot to close the coat half of the time.
When we were sitting down for lunch, I interviewed Donna on how she was doing. I noticed that she still eats a lot, like always, and I asked her how it is possible that she just keeps eating. She loves the Dutch cookies, and even bought some during shopping. There were some people in the lunch room, there was even a woman taking pictures, but we don’t know if she took any of Donna. That would be quite rude, because she did not ask for permission.
Donna still is very positive and happy. She feels confident that she can make it in this heavy belt. The collar is fine too. She told me some interesting things, like how the money from a 30-day Chastity Deal will last her a long time in south Italy, so it is really worth it for her. Even though it is a lot of hanging around and waiting in a locked chastity belt, she considers it her job now, and this is how she will make money this month. She even would advise new girls to do a Chastity Deal, although she thinks it is better for them to start with a week instead of a month.

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  1. I still think you should have her try on some swimsuits for an update while she’s there. This site has been great for years but is still missing its first one piece swimsuit update, not counting Wendy’s submission. It’s time, and Donna is the right girl!

  2. roadie12 says:

    a day trip to get rid of that “cooped up” feeling

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