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This year, you have requested some pictures too for Donna’s Chastity Deal (next to all the video updates). That’s fine, I have a photo studio and I can take Donna with me to the studio a few times to take some pictures. Pictures will give you much more detail of her belt, and the locking system. As well as a very sharp image of the beautiful Donna!
I will not use these pictures as a regular update, but I will give them to you as bonus updates instead. More Donna can’t be a bad thing right!? Have a great Sunday and enjoy this picture set! Not a member? Click here to join and support this website (please do, it’s worth it).

11 comment(s) to “Donna – bonus pictures”

  1. DonnaFan says:


    I enjoy the beaty of the models as much as seeing their belts, this is gret news.

    + Nice hair;
    + Nice ass – leggins looking great even with belt under! Donna is in good shape.
    + Nice smile & attitude!
    – where are the heels??

    • Unknownthing268 says:

      I agree with everything you, it’s as though she’s gotten better looking as time’s went on

  2. unknownthing268 says:

    For Donna being so willing to come back, maybe she should be rewarded for being so happy in the new belt and for being the one who got this site where it is today. Maybe get her something that matches one of her first two belts, maybe a watch like the one she wore during her first deal?

  3. I wish I could have put the challenge down that I’ll wear my Carrara as long as Donna is wearing hers ;)

    • LoveSteel says:

      Why not put on your belt and send the keys to the webmaster for safekeeping. If you are not cheating there is no quick release so you are pretty much on your own then. Do you have what is takes to do this?

      • It would take longer for the webmaster to get my key if posted than what Donna’s total duration would be. I would have if I lived closer of course

  4. Webmaster, seriously, marry that girl!

  5. nonice8709 says:


  6. Dear webmaster,

    I love watching/reading your website! Unfortunally I’m not a woman…
    But when I look at your website and all I can say is: Compliments!!

    enrico, slave of Mistress Kate – Netherlands

    • LoveSteel says:

      There are male CB also so what is the problem? You to can be locked and the mistress safekeeping your CB key. And you can watch this site if Kate permits.

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