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PhilippinesAfter searching my cuff collection for a while, I finally found the perfect ankle cuffs for Davon. Okay, they are really wrist cuffs, but Davon is so super small, they fit on her ankles. These cuffs have a special spring-loaded ball pin, which is too small even for Davon’s fingers to get out after closing them.
I did not make her wear heavy ankle cuffs before, because they really hurt the Achilles heel when walking, but I thought it might be a good idea to add them to her bed routine. I wanted to lock her to the bed in a spread eagle style, to prevent her from tampering with her belt at night (especially when she is wearing a plug, she is rubbing the belt too much). Of course, this was reason for a whole new whining and complaining episode, as you can see in this video update.
Davon really does not like heavy metal gear, maybe because she is so thin and tiny. But I like my studio pet slave to be secure, especially at night. So I got four heavy chains and made her lock herself to the bed. Sure, the first night she would not sleep much, but a person can get used to anything, so it will probably only take a few nights for Davon to be able to sleep without waking up all the time.
This first night didn’t go bad either. I had a camera set up to monitor her, but aside from a short screaming fit she looked to be okay and very secure. I think this will definitely be the new sleeping mode for Davon! Anyone who will visit her in the upcoming Meet & Greets can also lock her to the bed if they want to! It will be fun to try this yourself! Alternatively, if you are so inclined, you can also be locked to the bed by Davon! I’m sure she will love that haha!!!

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  1. Davon is in a vulnerable position for tickle torture. I’d love to give her tickling on her feet. She can’t fight back! Maybe a meet-greet can turn into a meet-tickle.

  2. I love her situation and her restraints. They look so nice on her.

    It seems she might be able to slip out of the wrist cuffs though, but I hope she can’t.

    I’m hoping for a nice metal gag for her soon. Maybe something like the Scold’s Bridle from metalbondage if that fits her.

  3. NICE! Davon Kim is so gorgeous! Just love to see her in submissive poses with the chastity belt, wrist cuffs, and the chains securing her to a bed. NOTE TO WEBMASTER: You need to get some “proper” ankle cuffs for Davon Kim because she definitely deserves them. Absolutely LOVE this vulnerable position that Davon Kim is in and would be perfect for some light play or tickle torture. Would like to recommend that Davon Kim be fitted for some thigh bands with the flat chains to secure to her chastity belt as well as the restricter chains between her legs and would also recommend some upper arm thigh bands that could also be linked together at some time in the future. Just wondering if Davon Kim has been asked about getting her beautiful erect and perky NIPPLES PIERCED? Really think that it would be a welcome addition for Davon Kim to get her NIPPLES PIERCED with studs and/or rings that would complement her beautiful body and would also re-inforce her submissive nature and position. Of course, it is just a suggestion but a wonderful one for such a wondrous Lady as Davon Kim.

  4. Amazing update!

    • Once Devon adjusts to sleeping with the collar, wrist, and ankle cuffs, (as well as her chastity belt) perhaps add thigh bands and bicep cuffs?

  5. Is she plugged now if so how many plugs if just where
    Is it placed

  6. could you please post a link to the manufacturer of the ankle-, wrist- and neck cuff? :-)

  7. It will be a good idea to buy her a complete SM-Factory set of wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs and collar, because she will be a long term slave for your studio, so it will highlight very much her figure. It’s a suggestion, but I think is ok

  8. Yeah, I think sun shield nipple rings. Also get those nipples pierced and paint those fingernails and toenails red.

  9. I agree it nice it is a shame that her bed is so narrow I think that a queen size is better for that position but a nice spreader bar say 36 or 40 inches would do the trick Now if you want to upset her more after she is locked in for night you could leave the key to belt close at hand or even unlock the lock just not remove it her brain would go into overload trying to figure out how to get it loose.

  10. Looks so good! Must be heaven. Davon must be the luckiest girl when going to bed. So safe and secure. No hanky-panky. Great and well done webmaster. You know what a girl needs.

  11. AMAZING!! Davon Kim is such a gorgeously beautiful model. I will definitely continue to enjoy seeing the Lovely and gorgeous Davon Kim on this site and she continues down her journey of being a pre-imminent Chasity Babe. I also THIRD the request for Davon Kim to get her NIPPLES PIERCED. Davon’s nipples are so wonderfully formed, erect, perky and hardened and think that stainless steel studs with “jeweled ruby tips” would make an excellent addition. Further, I also SECOND the request for Davon Kim to paint her fingernails and toenails a bright shiny red that would complement rubies for her NIPPLE PIERCINGS. Thank You webmaster for such a gorgeous and beautiful model and please keep up the good / great work and express my gratitude to Davon Kim for hanging in there as a DIVINE CHASITY BABE. Cheers!

  12. You should have taken off the belt once she was locked to the bed so she would be frustrated that she was free but unable to reach.

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