chastity belt 

When Ella was almost at the end of her Deal, I decided she needed one last Challenge. A pair of super heavy ankle cuffs of course! That would be amazing, especially with her still walking on her toes all of the time. She was a bit surprised by the weight of the shackles, so she asked me if she could wear some protective socks (leg warmers). Of course!
Ella locked herself into the heavy ankle cuffs and said she would just sit there until the end of the Deal. But I encouraged her to stand up and walk, and even go up the stairs. Do not try that at home… going up the stairs in heavy ankle cuffs with a short chain, walking on her toes! Ella is probably one of the only people in the world who can do this!
She is just amazing! I found her stretching again some time later, when I told her the time was up. She took off all of the steel, and it was a true relief! Especially the super heavy posture collar that had been bothering her a lot. She finished the video by showing off some of her amazing stretches and splits. Definitely a model I want to get back in my house! In fact, I wish I could keep her. Ella is perfection!

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