chastity belt 

The end of the 24 hour challenge is near for Jessy and Regina. At first they feel they had been tricked into this whole adventure, because the safe was impossible to crack. The night was the hardest part. But at breakfast, they started wondering about chastity belts in general, and they were visibly more comfortable, the whole process of getting used to being in a belt is just so interesting to watch!

We did not make it easy for them. They are not professional models, so they don’t really like being photographed and filmed all the time, let alone in compromising topless poses. These sisters are a little shy, but then again, they responded to our model call to be chastity babes. To be honest, they did not have a clue what they would be getting into, it was a lot harder than they expected!

Meanwhile, their belts are still locked on, including the secondary shields. The adjustability of these belts means that we were able to make the belts a perfect and super tight fit for both girls. Now that they have been belted for almost a whole day, they start to wonder how to wash and clean themselves and the belts. Laughing and feeling a little more confident, they agree to try a shower in the belts.

They help each other to get clean and even start sharing advice on how to clean under the belts, which is very hard because the belts are so tight on their bodies. Jessy and Regina wonder how people clean themselves when they are wearing a belt permanently. We explain that for a proper cleaning, their key holder will take the belts off, but they would have to be handcuffed with their hands high above their heads to prevent any chance of self stimulation. The sisters find this very amusing, and give each other a meaningful look. Maybe they really are slowly getting into it!


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  1. The girls did not clean their belts well!
    Long-term cb wearing needs a bit more cleaning….

  2. Oh my God whats that?? Two Hot Chicks with Belts. That so Amazing =)
    I love that. Please more…

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