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English dialogueVery recently, I received a new prototype plug for the Chinese belts (with slotted secondary shield). It is heavier, longer and it has 5 balls instead of 4! Instead of waiting for a new Chastity Deal, I ran upstairs to my lovely chastity friend Davon and gave it to her as a present!
She was still sobbing a little, but not as much as usual. However, when she saw my present she started protesting and sniffing again. It seems she did not appreciate this new insertable as much as I did. Still, I really wanted to test it and gave her the keys to remove her belt. Davon did not think twice about that (no protesting there), and she carefully unlocked herself, sliding her big 4-ball plug out of her vagina.
Davon is a very tiny girl, I guess that is hard to see on the video clips without someone standing next to her, but she is tiny and slender. The 4-ball plug almost reached to her belly button. The 5-ball plug would even go deeper. In fact, when she finally tried to slide it in, she had to sit on it to make it go deep enough pressing her weight onto the floor to be able to close and lock the chastity belt.
I ask her if she could still stand up and she seemed fine (minus the usual whimpering). I think this new 5-ball plug is a big improvement! Davon will get used to it, no doubt! She doesn’t have much choice. She will be fine in a day or so. Let’s see what other upgrades we can think of for our lovely resident Asian chastity babe!!

Davon Kim is available for custom shoots and meet & greets in my studio! Come see her, she will appreciate the distraction! Her collar and cuffs can be removed for shooting. She is not available for any shoots without her chastity belt though.

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  1. She with plug 1 or 2?

  2. Piercedguy says:

    I would really love to know how is she doing, how horny is she, is she able to get orgasms somehow, is she released sometimes? With such a big plug inside her it must be difficult for her to think about anything but sex…

  3. In my opinion Davon is not a slave is just a girl working as a waiver of her sexual freedom.

  4. Great update!

    Pleaze make sure, that such a long dildo doesn’t damage her womb or cervix.

    It would be nice to see her with some clothes on, going out, etc – but of course she’s gear can be reduced only when she has learned obedience.

    • I 2nd KimFan’s concern about the length of the new plug. She’s already saying she can’t walk with the new plug in. Are you sure it isn’t too much for her to handle?

  5. Notice the stem of either plug is at the front end of the slot. Could the tip of the plug be pushing against the rear of her vaginal wall instead of her cervix?

  6. Belted Couple says:

    You keep upping the ante with Davon. We’d like to see a girl in full chastity for 7 days. Belt, bra, collar, ankle, thigh, elbow and wrist cuffs.

  7. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! Always a treat to see the Fabulous Davon Kim. For future upgrades how about considering a custom made chastity belt, with matching ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, collar and chastity bra along with the matching chains to link the entire outfit together. I think that it is personally wonderful to get Davon Kim who is without a doubt gorgeous and beautiful all at the same time. Furthermore, she should be treated as the future resident chastity babe queen that she should become. Furthermore, since she has such a wonderful body how about showing it off. Davon Kim has a tongue piercing and maybe you could convince her to get her perky, erect and hardened nipples PIERCED also. I think that a set of matching studs that are small enough to be seen but not large enough to get in the way of her new lifestyle. Yes, a matching set of nipple studs adorning her newly PIERCED nipples would look stunning upon Davon Kim’s wonderful body. Please bring back Davon Kim for some more wonderful looking shoots and please consider a custom made chastity ensemble for such a wonderful Filipina Lady. Nipple PIERCINGS would also be a stunning asset to such a gorgeous Chastity Babe Queen. Thanks for the update and this is a wonderful addition to the previous shoots. Davon Kim is fabulous and look forward to her being DOUBLY PLUGGED with a vibrating set of dildos. Davon Kim is GORGEOUS and look forward to further upgrades to the new Chastity Babe Resident!

  8. LoveSteel says:

    In my opinion not having a chastity bra is not a good thing :(

    • LoveSteel says:

      I vote 2 :)

      If there is a problem with wearing a collar and the chains of the bra, connect the chains of the bra to the collar as well. Then the collar cannot push on the chains anymore and the total result is even more secure because there really is no way to pull the chains over the shoulders then.

  9. Davon Kim is absolutely wonderful and LOVE her updates! Must agree with the above posted comments and especially regarding the PIERCINGS! Davon Kim would look extraordinary with GOLDENN STUDS adorning her perky, erect and hardened NIPPLES and with DIAMOND STUDS on the tips Davon Kim would be GORGEOUS! Would recommend nylon or synthetic dildos locked inside Davon Kim’s chastity belt because the metal ones may be too hard and too much for her tiny beautiful body! Please relay that she is wonderful and please consider getting her NIPPLES PIERCED as a present for her loveliness. THANKS!!

  10. as you mention – custom shoot a possibility – i has send you a mail….

  11. I don’t believe that Davon is a slave in the true meaning of the word. She has the choice of exchanging her present circumstance for freedom back home. That she does not suggests the relationship is consensual. Thus the heavy collar and the cage must be something Davon is willing to endure. Even if it is not quietly.

    Personally I too am concerned the cervix may be damaged by this larger plug. But I’m not there, and I’m sure it is in neither of your interests to damage your ‘property’.

    I would also quash this moaning and crying thing. Nothing worse than a snivelling slave. I feel you should be more strict with her until she understands her place in this dynamic, and what is expected of her. When she cries give her a reason to cry. When she shuts up reward her.

  12. slavelabor says:

    What happened to her slave chains?

  13. maybe not best fit for her but tells us what her limits are

  14. I would really like to see her pierced. Her nipples are (just like the rest of her), beautiful, and the embellishment would be nice.

    As for her whining, I think some time in a brancks/bit gag would be good for her. This would introduce some discipline and structure into her routine. Perhaps an hour a day, more if she is disrespectful or impolite.

    You have done a great job with her, keep up the good work.

    One thing I would love to see is her hands bound, and blindfolded, spoon fed her favorite meal, like in the Story of O. I think that would be a good exercise for her.

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