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Most music fans can appreciate ‘unplugged sessions’, but here at we don’t really like unplugged updates. It is such a sad moment, although it is probably a relief for the belted girl who just ended her Plugged Chastity Deal.
Maybe we forget how hard this must be. There literally has been a fairly sizable piece of metal inside Athame for 24 hours. As she puts it herself, she has a ‘short cervix’ (she is not that tall). Annabelle estimates the plug to be 4 inches, but it is actually a bit longer that that, as Athame correctly observed. According to Athame, the plug was ‘exactly the size of my vagina when I am not turned on’.
Interesting! Also interesting is the fact that Athame went into this Deal without knowing what a chastity belt was. And when she saw it, she thought she could easily push it aside to touch herself. That did not happen at all. She could not touch or clean herself for 24 hours. She did not get aroused by the plug. There was simply no way of getting any satisfaction and the plug and belt were ‘just there’. She could move normally (amazing for a first time girl!), and she did not really have any problems during her Deal. Just no sex. Which would probably drive her crazy in a longer Deal.
Athame was surprised to find out that there are longer Deals. Annabelle tells her in the video that some girls did 7 days or even 30! Unfortunately, Annabelle did not mention cleaning breaks so you can see Athame was a bit worried about such long Deals. Maybe she will be back for more, but for now, she did great! No complaining, no troubles, just a young girl in a tight belt with a big plug inside of her for 24 hours! Well done!

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  1. MetalMan says:

    What a shame to unbelt this girl. It is so obvious that she likes it! A 30 day deal with a plug some of the time would be just perfect. No problems at all, just no sex, as the webmaster wrote.

    What about your sword. Is it sharp? I hope not, otherwise you might cut the ear off the “chastity princesses” by accident when you knight them. LOL

    • I am happy for your friend it is just a plastic sword!
      Once i went to a medieval theme park where they sold real medieval style swords made of steel. Real heavy and real cool, but i did not buy any. These swords were not sharp, but can be sharpened if you want to do it your self. Give me one, now! =)

      The money aspect in this deal has not been brought to attention, but i don’t think money is an issue in this case. She just loves to be belted! 30 days NOW!

  2. roadie12 says:

    she shows definite interest in trying a longer deal. very promising future update

  3. Amazingly well coped with a first time belting, with a plug =)

    Let’s hope for a long deal in the future, with a plug all the time of course.

  4. Let her believe that a plug is a normal part of a chastity belt and get her back for a longer deal :)

    • MetalMan says:

      Don’t you think she has read this site already? Then she knows that a plug is an extra option. A second plug seems like a nice idea!

  5. For a longer deal I think she should have all different options to look at and decide herself what she wishes to do.

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