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We are back in Arizona where AnnaBelle Lee found another local girl for a 24-hour Chastity Deal! AnnaBelle definitely has a different way of Casting than I do!
She invited Athame over, but did not tell her anything about a plug! Poor Athame, knowing nothing about chastity belts (she never even saw one), just assumed a plug was standard on a chastity belt. After a quick interview, AnnaBelle wasted no time in locking up her young Casting subject. No lube, ‘you can use your natural wetness and slide that in for me’, we can hear AnnaBelle say. Sure enough, Athame did not have any problems sliding the plug inside of her. After a lot of fiddling with the lock, Athame was tightly locked into her belt, with a 4-ball plug inside her! AnnaBelle almost forgot to take out the keys to the secondary shield padlock again, but fortunately this time she remembered.
Athame was a little overwhelmed. It all went so fast! A cold steel plug inside her and a tight chastity belt! She did not know how to sit. The belt made her want to sit very upright, but for the plug angle it was better to lean back more. She clearly had to get used to her situation. It was made even worse by the fact that AnnaBelle gives her subjects no breaks in a 24-hour Deal. The girls really have to use the toilet through the belt’s 2 openings. ‘You can just use plenty of wet wipes’, AnnaBelle tried to comfort Athame. She was not comforted at all, she was worried! And the worst thing? She could not quit now, because she would not get that cash prize!! Don’t you just love Chastity Deals!!

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  1. Time to get plugged in. Sexy. AnnaBelle is good at encouraging these ladies to tough it out, isn’t she? The “put the belt on right away” style is the way to go.

  2. This is unbelievable – Athame just lets the plug slide in, no other comment than ‘it’s cold’… Compared to other girls who have to fight to get the plug in, it’s really astonishing.
    But I really like her, would like to see more (double plug :-)


  3. Nice update, and nice dialogue as well. It’s great when there is some casual talking involved, and vaginal plugs of course =)

  4. Yes, a bra is still missing. Can it be added?

  5. would love to see more girls plugged as well love to see them double plugged but happy with one would like to hear more conversation also think the FAQ page is a good idea

  6. Still think that Annabelle Lee should also be forced to wear a belt or show an update where she test runs a belt

  7. Sture (pronounced “Stu-re”) “died” some time a go so i replaced him with MetalMan. Sture is a mans name that mostly elderly men (60+) usualy have. The name originates from the swedish medieval Sture dynasty. And in those days the soldiers used to have shiny plate armour all over their body. If you want to you can call it full body chastity gear! =)

    I hope things soon get better at school, so fight on warrior!

  8. With all the many styles of belts you have; Isn’t the secondary shield/slot too far to the back for Athame? Wouldn’t one of the Neosteel belts like that plastic one be a better fit for her?

  9. chaste-ish girl says:

    Well you make plugged day sound like a mess. It’s easy to start flexing and doing kegels when you are starting to get frustrated. Like at the gym leg day, cardio day, and now plugged day. I guess your cousin is getting used to her mysteel and will probably start watching this website.

  10. cool! While I oftn said: not that’s not the right girl for a plug/collar, thigh band, bra etc. I have no complaints here. Athame looks like she’s made for being plugged.

  11. You should have a deal like what Amarantha did, but plugged and with Natalia Forrest next time she comes back

  12. Michael says:

    Do it anyway.

    • Young Engineer says:

      Wendy you look like you have a wand as well. That makes sense, we should be at least level 20 wizards with the university and all the students relying on us.

      You go Wendy, I feel like I should do something to support your modeling. What should I do? No offense but you seem to much like an old acquaintance to be erotic.

    • Ok let’s keep this a bit more on-topic, thank you. New update is coming within minutes.

  13. The plug isn’t letting her sit up because it doesn’t run low enough in it’s slot. Notice it’s downward position when she’s standing. It could be a tad more snug in the rear too.

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