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So I sent the FancySteel belt back to the manufacturer, because I got one of the first prototypes and his development had progressed a lot! He was now offering silicone lining for the waist band, and I asked him to fit my belt with this, because the girls were having problems with the uncovered steel for long term wear.
When I got the belt back (all the way from the other side of the world), it was fitted with a beautiful black silicone liner all along the waist band. Time to give this belt a new test run!! And wait, who happened to be in my studio when the belt came in? It was the incredibly gorgeous Gaby from the Czech Republic! We had been shooting some crazy things, and I noticed she had a naughty toy in her suitcase! Time for a bit of a romantic challenge!
White canopy bed, gorgeous white lingerie, and a super beautiful blonde girl with her favorite toy! Gaby definitely is a ChastityBabe! She felt so comfortable in her FancySteel, and it looked so stunning on her! Gaby got really excited, taking off her bra and panties, moving around on the bed, testing the chastity belt with her vibrator. The shield works perfectly! She couldn’t feel anything, much to her disappointment. Great stuff!
Gaby definitely is a keeper, I really hope she will come back for a Chastity Deal or an exciting Challenge. She is a lot of fun and she is just too hot to be walking around unbelted! If you want to see more of Gaby, please comment below and let’s get her back for more!!


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  1. Yes please. Gaby, you are beautiful and loved already. It does help your cause you’re an Eastern European lady. Big hugs and kisses for Gaby. Please come back, over and over.

  2. Lovely.

    100% CB, no extras. I know a lot members think different (maybe this is the reason why I am not a member currently) but I am liking this.

    The right pictures on the “teaser” pictures look like she is trying to persuade a KH (with her remaining female weapons) to have her take off the belt off in order to…

    Please, more of that!

    Is it possible to have exactly this shoot with Vina? Her on a bed with some lingerie and just her belt? That would be just too good to be true…

    Best regards,


    • A good lingerie shot is never wrong, especially not with pure white or black lingerie sets.

      Gaby does the belt good justice in this shot, and she have great looks so more shots with her would be nice.

      Personally I still like the rigid look of a real Neosteel or Mysteel belt, but the Fancy Steel has certainly matured well with the recent upgrades.

      I could actually imagine this belt in a 30 day challenge for a model with perfect fit, with the simple task of trying to achieve an orgasm somehow every day. That should be pretty frustrating after a while =)

      Else I still waits for plugged girls jogging and swimming, and doing other kinds of physical every day activities.

    • Will join again in the future – no worries. :-)

      Just for my personal kind of taste there was too much metal in the last updates.

      I believe most people liked the collar for Vina (I did not. Poor girl).

      The updates with the two schoolgirls was nice – just too fast too much metal (again to my opinion, please do not criticize me for that, I know and respect the taste of others).

      The couple update was brilliant according to my opinion. As long as there is not a male in every update, that is totally fine with me. Should be worth joining. (For me, time is what I am usually short on, right now, I am on vacation and look what is going on over here).

      Today’s update is a big step for me rejoining. Will do. Give me some patience (and maybe updates with less metal).

      Like you said, personal preference. Everybody’s got a different one.



  3. Basil Blake says:

    I like the belt’s slim design and I think I’ll keep following this brand. They definitely catched my interest. Contemporarily all belted females in my family are locked in my-steel devices, but maybe we will have some diversification in future times… :-)

    • Chaste-ish girl says:

      All the females alol? You told you had a cousin who owned a chastity belts? Yeah I would like more than one belt just like any other clothing.

      • Yeah right… a belted family ;) Pics please!

        • Basil Blake says:

          Not “all females in my family” wear my-steel belts, only “all belted females” do so, i.e. my cousin (a student) & my sister-in-law (a housewife, originally from Sweden; she has so much libido energy, keeping her unlocked would simply be stupid; fortunately she’s already experienced: in her teenage years, she had to wear diapers and padlocked jeans at night!!!). Of course I possess some beautiful pics, but unfortunately my ladies want their privacy to be protected…

          So guys, just keep on enjoying the models on this website ;-)

          • Basil Blake says:

            @Chaste-ish girl: getting a belt is easy, but finding a serious keyholder, that’s the issue.

            I don’t think that most girls are disciplined enough to stay chaste without external control. So you will definitely need someone to hold your keys…

        • Chaste-ish girl says:

          They exist the question is do they get on websites like yours?

  4. Basil Blake says:

    You should try to get belted as soon as possible. All girls I know gained a lot of confidence, grace and beauty after having been locked up.

    Why not taking part in a casting session on this page? In return, you might ask for a belt and keyholding services for free???

    • Chaste-ish Girl says:

      I’m in America and I’m more likely to get a photographer than to go find some guy.

      Wendy You’re talking about armor and being punched that sounds more like you need a powered suit? You wear a chastity belt to make you want what you can’t have!

      I searched your comments Basil and you said that your cousin will take an insert when she doesn’t feel like masturbating? How did she start that? How does that work exactly?
      What is considered disciplined?

      • A powered armored suit would have several names. I guess like the KURATA or those in the movie Pacific Rim. These suits are actually vehicles with weapons.

  5. Personally, I give lots of respect to the ladies who subject themselves to objectification, encased in steel with zero possibility of release without the keys (or risk of severe bodily harm), and have the confidence to smile knowing that we love these shoots. I agree with WendyNeko and Basil, chastity is a great way to gain confidence in yourself. I’m a male who spends a significant amount of time locked (of my own accord with no KH), and I’ve gained some more confidence in myself. Working in a professional sales environment, I always run the risk of a wardrobe malfunction of some sort, but thankfully it hasn’t happened while locked yet.

    Moral of this little anecdote: those who can commit to giving up their sex willingly are some of the most courageous individuals I’ve ever seen.

    Keep up the fantastic work, ladies!

    P.S. You too, Webmaster.


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