chastity belt 

English dialoguePoor Vina was a little bored in her tiny white My-Steel belt (even with the plug inside). Chastity Deals sound like a lot of fun, and they sure are, but there’s also a lot of ‘waiting’ and ‘hanging around’ if you want to complete a 7-day Deal. We aren’t doing exciting stuff 24/7, even though most people probably fantasize we are.
A fun fact about young Vina: she can not get an orgasm from vibrating things. They just tickle A LOT, and that makes her laugh so hard that she can not really focus on getting off. She can’t get off on inserted objects either, so the 4-ball plug inside her belt is just arousing her, but she can’t reach any climax. She can only orgasm from rubbing her clit with her fingers.
Of course, I knew all this, but I still brought her a magic wand as a gift. Just because she was so bored. She tried to vibrate the outside of her belt, but that just made lots of noise and she did not feel anything at all. Her eyes were just begging me to unlock the belt. So I did. But to eliminate all possibilities of her touching herself, I made her handcuff herself to the bed first.
I took off her plugged belt, and I went to see if it is true that vibrators (even powerful ones) just tickle Vina. Amazingly, it’s true! Vina’s ticklish spot turns out to be her pussy, which is really unusual and unfortunate. She just laughed so hard, and tried to get away from the wand, it was useless to try it for very long.
I just locked her back into her belt, inserting the plug again, and tossed her the handcuff key. After unlocking herself, she was clutching the wand and she looked very disappointed. She still had some days to go and she just wasted her chance to get an orgasm! She was definitely out of luck until the contract would end!

6 comment(s) to “Vina – a well-intended gift”

  1. a red letter day for Vina…, more to come?

  2. slavelabor says:

    Did she spend the whole 7 days collared as well?

  3. From my interpretation of Vina’s reactions to the wand being placed on ‘the spot’ she definitely did not get any ‘pleasure’ from it. It was very much a tease! So “”helped” her to have sex pleasure” no way! If she had of reacted differently he would have stopped anyway.

    The fact that she can take a plug for so long indicates that she is a rare breed (or either she’s been very naughty in her past) and not that sensitive to such things (now?). You would need to be a real expert at it, and know all the tricks to keep her interest! Purrrrfect chastity babe!

    Keep up the good work, excellent update.

    • Matt (Young Engineer) says:

      That’s what I noticed too. Maybe this is healthy for her so she isn’t so rough on herself in boredom. She could get her plug size walked down to benwa balls which help with blood flow when rolling around

  4. Robbedoes101 says:

    I just love her, with her soft little voice, the way she undergoes it all and the sparkles in her eyes when she tries something new, WAY to go Vina!
    There’s one little thing that keeps “nagging” in the back of my head though. I would have so much enjoyed her collar more if that would have been lined with white rubber as well (and you should be able to get a separate lining for it, or am I mistaking?). Somehow the belt and collar just don’t really match in my eyes.

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