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Wow, Donna is so nice this year! Her health is still not 100% but she is lovely and she helps me out a lot. I have to take her with me everywhere I go, because the new belt does not have an anal opening, but she is a great assistant and she helps me a lot while I am shooting in my studio.
Amazingly, on the third day (well, after 48 hours if you count from the belting), Donna was still locked in the belt without any breaks. The front shield allows for urination (combined with a shower, or even IN the shower) as it has metal strips that are aligned like blinds with tiny slots between them, but she did not go for a ‘number 2’ break yet.
I left Donna in the ‘black room’ (as I call it), a set that is usually rented out or used for darker BDSM shoots. I was shooting something else in the studio, so she had an hour or two to kill in this room. Surprisingly enough, Donna took it upon herself to record a Day 3 Report. First, she expressed her curiosity about the strange black room and filmed all around her. Then she decided to record herself, naked on the sofa, to tell you about her experiences with the belt and the collar. You will find out exactly what she likes about this new belt, and what she doesn’t like. The collar is terribly heavy, and she is still hoping that it will only be a temporary thing.
Regardless of what you think about her gear, please show some love for Donna if you like her initiative and openmindedness this year! She is doing this for herself, yes, but she lets you enjoy her journey (and she did not have to strip naked in this update), so let’s appreciate that!!

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  1. jason collins says:

    Donna you must be one of the loveliest people I have seen or met, your confidence shows through in everything you show and do. Don’t stop just being who you are for anyone, keep up the good work. I think you are great

  2. fokusnik says:

    Show her some love ??
    Are you kidding ?? We ADORE her ! Love the update, and being naked (except fore the belt and collar) is particularly good, of course !
    I think that I can speak for everyone when I say that we’re all VERY happy that Donna is back.
    It would be nice to see her interacting (belted, of course) with Dominique !

  3. You are a real trooper Donna, truely the queen of chastity hopefully you will stay longer than 30 days.
    As far as the collar is concerned, TAKE IT OFF!!, it is great to see, but don’t wear it for more than a few days, you have to be willing to come back in the future.
    Love these short story’s, just you talking about everyday life in a chastitybelt.
    Although it is more comfortable, the fact that your belt has no anal opening makes it in my opinion unsuitable for 24/7 wear during your stay, hopefully you will be given the opportunity to wear another belt.
    Perhaps next time an outdoor scene after you have adjusted to your daily life in chastity?

  4. I absolutely love her selfie interviews. She seems to get more comfortable doing them each time.

    I’m glad to hear the belt is so comfortable and am looking forward to her toilet break even more than she is.

    One last thing… While I know you plan on having her wear the collar for 30 days, when she talked about wanting to take it off, the first thing that came to my mind was “and what would you be willing to trade?”

    You know I’m going to spend the day thinking of devious things. She is the gift that keeps on giving.

    And the #1 Chastitybabe for a reason. :)

  5. LoveSteel says:

    A bra added to the outfit would be great!

    • And a german WWII military helmet! =)

      • do not forget armyboots and a toy gun, shouting YES SIR to the webmaster.
        Come on, be serious, she has to be willing to come back in the future, do not scare her away please!

        • I actually thought that she should drive around in the streets of Amsterdam in a Tiger tank! (with the webmaster as the gunner)

  6. Yourfan says:

    #1 Chastity Babe.

  7. Donna – i think you are one of the most beautiful persons i have seen – ever.
    I wont comment on the belt – not a belt aficionado or expert.

    But the collar!! PLEASE go through the time challenge in that – it look fantastic on you – i think you will get more used to it. Talked to another girl who has modeled here. She told me she after some “getting used to” can wear the sm-factory collar for very long – i think she said the record was about 2 weeks.

    And i realy hope nothing serious is wrong with your health…

    Hope to meet and photo you one day…

    Alex from DK

  8. I love slave collars and I love that she is collared as well as belted. However, a triple weight collar is too much for anyone to wear long term and just risks putting her off from enjoying being collared. Please replace it with a standard weight collar.

  9. slavelabor says:

    Love you Donna, never stop your awesome

  10. Donna great as always.. please remove the collar is to extreme

  11. Ingemar says:

    Please friends, as we know that our beauty Donna reads what we say here could we change from writing about her to write to her instead. Donna I wish that the members start behaving like you are a person and not a thing.

    • I can appreciate where you are coming from. You would like everyone to be more respectful of the models.

      For me though, while I do post comments, I do not do so with the intent that the models will read them (at least not usually).

      I mean no disrespect to anyone and I think Donna is fantastic but I don’t plan on posting comments addressing her directly.

      I do enjoy discussing her situation though. Respectfully :)

  12. mr chris says:

    I love donna I think she is amazing. I love the new belt and I like the collar. But if donna’s health is not good then replace the collar with a lighter one or put a bra on donna and wrist and ankel cuffs. You can alsways go back to the larger collar if needed or spred her legs apart at night with a spreder bar I think donnar can go and have a sexy massage in her belt that will be great to see

  13. Wouldn’t it be a nice challenge for Donna to get chased through all the other sites as well (like MetalBondage, BeltBound, Tieable, GrabbedGirls, …)?
    I really would like to see her experience whatever you can offer to her.
    Maybe she will stop complaining about the collar after an hour or two in the RigidStocks.

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