Double padlocked chain style chastity belt

Double padlocked chain style chastity belt

Brand:prototype made on custom order for and
Waist: non adjustable, with D-rings
Crotch: adjustable by using padlocks in the rear to tighten the chains
Pussy hole: with integrated shield, non removable
Anal hole: none
Locking system: double protected padlocks
Suitable for 24/7 wear: yes

These belts (we have several, in different sizes) were custom made and they have several features that our other belts do not have. There are many differences in wearing these, both disadvantages and advantages.

This style of belt has a chain style rear section, which means there are two chains running from the crotch area all the way up to the back of the belt. Most people think these chains should run across the buttocks, and indeed they would look the best if they are on the butt instead of between the butt, but this would render the whole belt useless. The wearer could simply slide the chains between her buttocks to gain a lot of room at the front, she could easily slip her hand under the crotch shield and satisfy herself.

By attaching padlocks to the rear chains and pulling them tight between the girl’s ass, the belt becomes the most effective anti-masturbation device you have ever seen. The outer labia are pushed into the pussy slot, fully guarded by the non-removable secondary shield. There is absolutely no way a girl can get off if she is wearing one of these with the chains pulled tight.

Finally, the double padlocks are our own modification. By using different locks, it allows for dual keyholders, both have to agree the girl can take the belt off. This will add more tension and is a huge psychological effect for girls who are used to having to persuade only one keyholder with their charm and beauty.

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  1. Does the inner shield of the Double padlocked chain style belt include a hole at the top of the slit for securing an acrylic dildo, like on the rear shield cover of the rigid style belt?

  2. It looks gorgeous but seems uncomfortable in the back to me. How about bathroom use?

  3. I think you hit a home run security when you moved the width of the primary shield below the pubic mound. Don’t need thigh bands when the placement of coverage is correct.

  4. I want one!!!

  5. Greatcornbow says:

    Double padlock innovation is brilliant!

    Interesting yo know how many takers you had for this model :-)

  6. How do you go #2 in one of these?

  7. Can this belt like other female belts be adapted for males so that couples could take turns wearing it?

  8. I like that pussy slot exposes outer labia BUT i don`t like that this slot allow girl to use her small finger for masturbation.

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