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It’s nice to see some girls are dropping by so often, like Melissa, Jenni, and many other top glamour models! They always stay for a day or two, knowing that ‘this strange guy’ will make them wear chastity devices for the duration of their stay, but they earn good money by shooting and helping me out in the studio.
Melissa is possibly one of the most gorgeous girls I’ve ever seen. Her eyes and her body are amazing! She has a lot of fans around the world, who would be surprised to see her here, so I won’t mention her full name or site (but ask me if you are interested). Melissa has been to Holland so often, she accepts all chastity gear without questioning. Upon arrival, I always look her into a belt straight away, but most of the time I add more, because she looks so good in full chastity! Just like this time, we just shot for, and I added some more gear after the shoot. Collar, wrist and ankle cuffs. I then locked her wrist cuffs to the side of her belt, and she still didn’t complain.
I thought it would be fun to give her a simple task, just to see her move around in all this metal gear. I asked her to put all of the handcuffs and chains from the red box into the blue box. The red box weighed a ton, with all the heavy gear in it, so she would have to pick them up one by one and walk over to the blue box. She wasn’t allowed to move the blue box closer (although she did try, clever girl!!). She couldn’t really reach into the red box because her wrists were tightly cuffed to her chastity belt. After a few runs back and forth, Melissa decided to dump the contents of the red box on the floor so it would be easier to grab it.
There is really no point to this update, except seeing one of the most gorgeous girls in the world locked in full chastity. Melissa is such a good studio assistant! I would love to keep her as a slave forever, but then again who wouldn’t!!

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  1. I wouldn’t! Even if it is BDSM, I do not like the idea of slavery! Game and fun is OK, but we should always respect the person who plays with us and maybe even loves it!

    • Oh please, have a sense of humour. Everyone knows what the webmaster means by “keeping a slave”, and it doesn’t imply ANY degree of lack of respect or anything else, in my humble opinion.
      So just enjoy the beautiful young lady prancing around all nicely belted and shackled… she is VERY gorgeous.
      And in response to the webmaster’s question… I certainly wouldn’t mind!

    • Your comment is funny! The reality is, this “slave” made more money in 2 days than 1/2 the “free people” on this planet make in 2 months.

    • Young_Engrs says:

      It seems ambiguous in context. She is trying to do menial labor in bondage.

  2. As mentioned above, we all know in what sort of way the webmaster said that he’d like to keep her as a slave and no, under no means was that meant in a demeaning or disrespectful way. Really enjoyed this set, always love it when there is bondage as an added “cherry on top” of the chastity gear! Excellent and really really tasteful!

  3. Very nice. Great Site, go on like that. Excellent. Just one little thing – if possible, make not only movies from the scenes, but also photosets. some of the scenes in the last months were ‘only’ video. thank you :-)

  4. LoveSteel says:

    Absolutely great! Dressed properly. I love this. Would not mind if the keys got lost somehow ;-)

  5. Haven’t you ever role played with a little bondage? or even fantasized about it? Being in a relationship with a glamor model like Melissa is like winning the lottery by its self, If she likes this kind of stuff in the bedroom then it’s like winning a championship lottery.

    • P.S. News flash: Melissa wasn’t just here to shoot for I mean he even says it in the description;

  6. I like this update. More updates like this.

    I idea: When deal is almost over, you don’t give the key to girl. You hide key somewhere in the room and put the blindfold to her. Then she must find the key and open the belt when blindfolded. When the belt is open, she can take the blindfold off.

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