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Business woman Nyssa Nevers finally made it back to her hotel room. What a day! She is looking forward to lying down on her big bed and a long powerful orgasm!
The problem is, she ‘forgot’ that her husband had locked her into a chain style chastity belt for her trip! And she is not going home for days! The belt is incredibly well fitted, the most perfect fit you have ever seen on this site! There is no chance that Nyssa will be able to get her fingers in. Her pussy is perfectly trapped in the primary shield’s slot, safely unreachable behind the secondary shield. Nyssa thinks she will be able to break the belt, or move it to the side, but the belt stays firmly in place. To get her orgasm, she would need 2 keys, none of which she has right now. There are no spare keys, and Nyssa is very desperate!
Watch her struggle to get any relief! Impossible when a belt is fitted this well! Nyssa is such a horny woman, she really deserves to be locked in a chastity belt! Let’s hope she will appear on this website again soon!


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  1. jason collins says:

    It is quite funny to see a beautiful woman squirm trying to have an orgasm. Best of luck, please keep trying.

  2. You were not kidding, this really is a perfect fit! amazing.

  3. Just this good will a measure tailored chastity belt be on a woman.

  4. Her desperation is awesome, and so is the great fit.
    So desperate that she was trying to push the fingers in under the secondary shield!

    This is how very long periods should be spent in a belt, horny and no way to touch.

  5. slavelabor says:

    I want more!!!

  6. It is great to see a “normal” scenario portrayed. The closer to “real-life”, the better for me. Well done Nyssa for taking part; I hope that the “release” on returning home was a suitable reward for your restrained business trip. Has she made it home yet?

    That is a very tight belt – excellent construction webmaster – thanks. Was Nyssa completely comfortable (in terms of fit – the frustration is part of the deal!)

  7. Nice fit!!

  8. Nyssa’s experience with a well fitted belt shows two important things. First, if it was so comfortable she forgot she was wearing it, it shows that well fitted belts can be worn for long periods. Second, it is performing its function, keeping her chaste. It may be frustrating now but in the long run, she will be proud when she gets back to her husband. She will know in her heart that she didn’t do anything she will be ashamed to tell him.

  9. The productivity of that trip is impressive in itself. I know you have more raw material than you have time to get to but I hope you make it over here again in the future.

  10. maybe she needs help from another one of the chastitybabes

  11. ChastityLover says:

    Nyssa Nevers was born to be in a chastity belt and on this website. I really love the scenario, the perfect fit of the belt, and her attempt at satisfaction that ends in frustration. As others mentioned, I would love to see more of that ‘trip’.

    Our webmaster continues to provide a very pleasing variety of beautiful girls belted in many different situations. I enjoy each update and can hardly wait for the next. It’s really fantastic to have this available and to be so dependable.

    The comments from various people add another perspective that helps me see the girls predicaments in different ways. Kudos on running a great website!

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