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Here is part 2 of Regina and Jessy’s ordeal in their chastity belts. Mind you, they have volunteered for this, they were not forced to do this. So it was only fair we made this challenge a little more interesting: if they could not get the keys to their belts from the safe, they would have to spend a full day in their belts and we would be allowed to document it, even if they go home to their own apartment.

The sisters seemed to think that it will be impossible to open the safe, and they were not even willing to try to guess the combination. They lack the brute force or the tools to break this small but heavy safe, so they decided to go along with our challenge. It is a little more than they bargained for, they had only expressed interest in wearing the belts for a studio shoot. It means we will get to see much more of these sisters, as they live 24 hours in chastity! Of course, by the time you read this we already completed shooting that day, so we know this will be good!! There will be at least 3 more updates in which we will show you how their day went.

As for the members who asked why the sisters are always shying away from the camera, and avoiding frontal shots by covering their breasts: keep in mind these girls are not nude models, they do not really like being topless in front of a camera, but they know it is a (little) part of this challenge. If you like looking at boobs, perhaps another website would be better suited for you.

So Jessy and Regina decided to get dressed and go home. As we have seen with all girls so far, they seem very worried the belts will be noticeable under their clothes. To make things worse, Jessy only brought a short skirt. After a few final adjustments, we drove the girls back to their apartment, it was getting late. The first night in chastity coming up for these lovely sisters!



8 comment(s) to “Regina and Jessy – the safe part 2”

  1. all that comes to mind is, WOW

  2. Michael says:

    Do models have a difficult time using the toilet?

    • Using the restroom was the second most difficult thing for me when I had to get used to the belt. It’s hard at first, but you can get used to most things, even using the restroom while being locked in a chastity belt. However, it will take longer than usual.

  3. Talking about challenges, why don’t you lock these girls onto chastity belt, high heels, and force them to walk on a treadmill for a few minutes? Some thigh bands with connected chain will add more challenge… think about it

  4. Personally, I think it was sexy how they kept covering themselves for the camera–it shows they’re not models and are in it for the chastity. I like how they do a sort of pout at the end thinking how they’ll have to wear the belts for awhile.

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