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With the last 8 (!) updates being about Amarantha LaBlanche, you’d almost forget there’s a cute girl from Italy locked in her very own red My-Steel chastity belt, living her quiet life in Amsterdam.
Almost! Because many of you have been asking about her, and she is very happy to hear that! I am working on giving Donna her own blog because it is getting so busy on this website that we hardly have time to check in with her, and that’s not good, because she is definitely the number 1 Chastity Babe of all times!
Her status? It is very simple: Donna is still locked. She hasn’t asked for the keys in weeks. She gets a cleaning and shaving break every Sunday, it is only 15 minutes, and it is supervised by me. Frankly, I don’t have to supervise it anymore, Donna is not thinking about pleasing herself at all! She has reported being incredibly focussed on her hobbies (which include shopping, photography, and modelling) and her mind has never been more clear. She even said she would fear an eventual unbelting, since it would leave her more insecure, vulnerable, and ‘weak’. She would miss her belt! She is very determined to make it to the end of December, and even beyond! The one thing she fears most is the cold Dutch winter, she hates cold!
While all of this may sound like I brainwashed Donna, please be assured that she is still doing this out of her own free will. She signed an open-ended contract and she can end it any day, any time. She will have to go back to Italy though, because she won’t have any money or a place to stay anymore. Unless a Dutch fan wants to offer her a house, which will probably not happen, since you won’t be a fan anymore if she is not wearing the belt.
Speaking of fans: Donna is making a little extra money doing modelling work. She can not do much of course, since she is locked in a belt, and shoots generally are limited to fans of chastity belts. But they (you) have been coming from all over Europe to shoot with her! Or just to meet her… In this update you will be able to take a look behind the scenes of a fan photo shoot, and you can also view the pictures that were made by this fan. He is not a professional photographer, but he enjoyed meeting Donna and shooting her in my ‘prison cell’ setting. He was kind enough to let me show you his pictures! He asked for a few extras, like Donna’s pink bra (which was not fitted tightly but only for shooting) and a pair of handcuffs, which was great!
If you want to have your own shoot with Donna, please let me know and we’ll set it up!

Pictures shot by a fan photographer, used with permission, quality may vary.

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  1. If she wants to be unbelted, she loses the accomodation and food arrangement we made. She then has no way of staying in Holland and will have to go back to Italy. I will keep the belt probably, waiting for her return. But let’s not think so negative: she is doing fine!

  2. She seems to be getting fluent in some of the modeling poses. She is so different from the young woman who came to see you 2 years ago. It’s incredible to think, her video report would consist of, “please don’t vote me out now”.

    Mr. Webmaster, at the rate you are putting beautiful women in chastity belts, you may need an apartment complex.

    I hope she buys some sweaters and makes it through the winter. It’s wonderful to know that she doesn’t want to leave any time soon. I look forward to the possibility that she would pose for a Christmas shoot wearing a santa hat to match her belt.

  3. Does she have friends in italy that can join her?.

  4. Tantalizing says:

    Hey as a female wearer who is often annoyed at bondage, I feel the need to point out that some women I know have abstained so long they report feeling depressed afterwards.

    This is amazing but she should probably do something unless she wants to become asexual and the fighting was about adjusting to wearing it?

    Serious comments?

    • Lothlorien says:

      That’s an excellent point. Clearly the solution is more plugged challenges.

    • I think she arrived seeking to change the unfortunate financial hand she had been dealt. I think what she found was a feeling of security she didn’t have before, a place to relax and refocus, and something she hadn’t factored in initially, fans.

      From the Webmaster’s comments, it sounds a little like the belt is her talisman. One she is not ready to part with. It has brought more opportunity than not. If she is wise with her money she can take an extended holiday but I think she’d come back. There is something here just as intoxicating as sex…, fans.

      I think she is a resilient young woman. When I think about what she’s done I’m reminded of the line….

      “You see a mousetrap, I see free cheese and a challenge!”

  5. she should be in belt and bra untill the end of the year…don’t u think?

    • Hm… I don’t know…I like her better with just the belt…no thigh bands, bo bra…just the belt. There’s a certain simplicity to that which would be destroyed once aditional material is added.

    • Just so that you don’t get me wrong. I’m not speaking about her great boobs (which most definitely ARE great by the way but that’s not the point)… I’m talking about the erotic fantasy behind the whole Donna situation. This way, the focus is on the belt…and nothing else… isn’t that beautiful??
      There are already too many websites that start focusing on a certain fetish but 20 updates later, they add everything that’s possible in BDSM to every update…. I don’t like that. I like simplicity… the great thing about a chastity belt is that this belt – and this belt alone keeps you from having sex. I’m also a big fan of metal… but to be honest – I don’t really care a lot if a girl is in a belt or not while being tied to 4 poles, gagged etc.

      That’s why I’m a fan of chastity babes…

  6. A donna blog sounds like a great idea!

  7. slavelabor says:

    Put Donna in charge of Amarantha, problem solved.

  8. the_truant says:

    i would love to see her some fun challenges, like thigh bands for a day or three, and in public too. it would be great to see her go shopping to find dresses and skirts she can wear that hide the belt and bands!

    very happy to see a Donna update. i love the Amarantha live challenge, but Donna is a real trooper! i’m so happy she came back, and that she seems to be enjoying her (belted) time in Holland!

  9. I like that she will model, would she ever model with just the belt part around the waist, and not the strap part through the legs?

  10. keyholder says:

    holy shit webmaster, you still have access to this jail cell and STILL haven’t done another shoot with it? Come on son, what are you doing?

  11. I like the way she wears her hair in this one. Like a roaring jungle cat. ferocious in a sexy way. I don’t know if you have a makeup artist or if she did her own but it matches nicely. Well done. I hope she gets her life back together in Italy so she can enjoy her self as so many of us do. She can always come back.

    • She came a a long way from the innocent girl 2 years ago, to this diva you see today.
      now you see what wearing a belt can do to a girl.

      • The girls you see on this site are also well made up. Examples: CB206 silver eye shadow. Donna here is wearing lots of dark eye shadow and eye liner.

        • thats what i mean, a diva, i wonder what’s causing this

          • A lot of people paying to see anything and everything you do. A lot of people begging the Webmaster to find a way to encourage you to stay. A lot of people coming from around the world to take your picture. No other model has photographers come to them. That might be why.

            Not sure I’d say diva though. I’d say confident and sultry. And well, crazy gorgeous.

          • young_engr says:

            You are 100% right. No model is approached for what they show on their own. All of them scramble and promote themselves all the way up to top models

    • young_engr says:

      When she lets her hair down she is like another person. When she is just sulking and looks mousy it’s sort of “well that’s nice for you be sure to stay clean”. When she goes with it yeah she’s a wild animal!

  12. Ciao Donna, perché per festeggiare il 90° giorno con la cintura non chiedi al webmaster di poter indossare la spina per tutto il giorno?

  13. Webmaster, I agree that Donna should not remain completely asexual while in the belt, unless being completely denied is something that interests her.

    I have a solution to this. Why don’t you do a vote twice a week so the fans get to determine if Donna should be allowed an orgasm. That way Donna has the delicious feeling of anticipation – will she or won’t she get to cum this time?

    It might be necessary for her to do special challenges to earn the right to cum. The belt would of course go straight back on afterwards….

    • Intermittent Subscriber says:

      I love this idea!

      It was actually the newer Donna updates which made me resubscribe…

      • Young-Engr says:

        If she was comfortable with this it may be worthwhile even if she needs private time.

        Lol no one cares if a male shrinks down and the trend is to humiliate a chaste male instead of comments how gorgeous they’ve become but most of us instinctively value a woman’s health.

        Especially in USA even with social values falling in females seem to pull ahead.

  14. Please say that we get to meet Donna the day after tomorrow!

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