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Amarantha is working late every day now, since she can not get a lot of sleep and her boss agreed that she will come in later. The advantage is that she can record her report at the office, because everyone already left. She just sent this video to me, and she asked me to publish it immediately! I wonder why ;)
Amarantha thinks it is pretty exciting to show you the belt while she is at her place of work! She is wearing a brand new dress, and it is a little thin so you can see the belt a little bit, but no one has noticed it yet.
However, she is not 100% sure everyone left the building so she has to film the report very secretly. She doesn’t want to be caught with a video camera, filming herself, even if they don’t notice the belt! Here are some words that she literally says in the video, it may help non-members to make a better decision:

“I’m having a good day, I really like it today, I really do. And I think it is really exciting. But let’s stay real, I can not keep this a secret forever. So maybe, maybe you could let me go? …[looks doubtful into the camera]… I guess I’m doomed!!”

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  1. She is having a blast and seems to love this, let’s keep her in the belt for a while longer, judging from this report she loves this, her skin seems to be doing just fine and no complaints about aches and pains.

  2. I don’t know how the vote will go but girl, you are amazing! And mischevious!

  3. I don’t know if you realize it but your misspelling of doomed makes for an amusing play on words considering the situation.

  4. Amarantha Hello, I have not voted yet, but it seems to me that your journey towards total acceptance of the belt is almost done for this reason I believe that a few more days with the belt is necessary.

  5. It might just be an anonymous internet vote, but who am I to deny her :
    1)the excitement of wearing summer dresses, that might or might not show the belt
    2)the excitement of catching a glimpse of the belt whilst seated on a counter
    3) the excitement of possibly being discovered by her friends and work colleagues.

    I believe the haste with which this video was posted by her, is a gentle plea, that even though the real life logic of sleeping problems and work issues, she is on an absolute high because she is locked up, and it sounded like a plea to keep her this way for longer, I think she woudn’t mind to unlocked, but the adventure and excitement she is currently experiencing will come to and end, and this doesn’t seem to be what she wants.

    so my vote is to remain locked up.

    sorry….and ENJOY it some more, miss Amarantha
    what an absolute cruel but totally exciting journey you are currently going thru…thanks for sharing the updates with us.

    • Bravo!!!, couldn’t agree more.
      I don’t think she minds beeing locked up, she digs this. hopefully everybody sees this, she will be unlocked at some point, when, well that’s for us to deside, just not yet!!

  6. What’s happening to Donna? I want a report now!

    • Be patient, tomorrow it’s her turn, personally i have seen enough of Amarantha for the next two weeks at least, then perhaps she will get my vote for an unbelting.

  7. Well… Miss Amarantha I have been voting for a while now to let you out but in this post you seem to be enjoying it so much so I have changed my mind.

    I wonder are the difficulties you are having sleeping due to discomfort from the belt or from beautiful, gnawing, hip squirming, constant sexual frustration that you can’t do anything about?

  8. I’d like to know something about Donna. Amarantha should remain belted at least another month…

  9. slavelabor says:

    She so adorable lets keep her

  10. Maybe you could let Amarantha out for about 30 minutes or so but have her completely restrained in a surgical gurney with arms and wrists secured and let a female nurse clean her up. Then install a vaginal and anal probes with remote controls and a battery box to activate the probes on command.

  11. Kontraband0 says:

    Well up until now I’ve been voting to stay locked. However, today I switched (for all the good it will do her). 2 weeks is a good length of time for someone who has only gone a couple of days before.

    It is always good to have a reminder of what you give up when you put the belt on. I don’t doubt that Amarantha will get herself belted again some time soon, she does seem to be loving this, and then she can push her limits further.

    To Amarntha; I admire your courage in letting people on this site vote for your release. Personally I couldn’t do that. I hope that next time you get locked up you will be just as daring. You’ve done really well so far and I’ll keep voting to release you from now on.

  12. Chastity Lover says:

    I’m happy to see Amarantha’s complete acceptance of remaining locked in her belt and adjusting her life as needed. Her latest updates and great attitude have changed my mind.

    While I don’t think we should throw away the key, I agree with many viewers that we should let the adventure continue.

    Amarantha, thank you again for making this wonderful adventure possible! Keep up the great updates and positive attitude. One day, you will be both happy and sad when we unlock your belt.

  13. Stephen Miletus says:

    I wouldn’t say that Amarantha is doomed — although she might be dommed now. I, for one, don’t intend for her to stay belted forever. Although that is an interesting thought, to keep her belted for the rest of her life, except for cleanings when her hands will be secured where she can’t touch herself…. Okay, back to reality.

    I’d be quite willing to vote to release her. The problem is she tried to gain control of her situation early on — & I still believe she needs to be punished for it. But she can get past this if she posts here a message apologizing for trying to top from the bottom, that she accepts the helpless state wearing the belt has put her in, & promising to respect the person(s) who control the keys to her belt. If Amarantha does this, she can be assured that I will vote for her release in that poll, & every following poll.

  14. For the webmaster,

    Is it possible to open a chatsection, where the chastized and keyholders can go to chat with one another, without clocking up the comments.

  15. She seems to be doing fine, so I have no intention of releasing her at the moment, unless she has a very convincing reason for being let out.

  16. I voted yesterday to keep her locked in her belt. Her optimism and good attitude made me believe that she could last a few more days. However, echoing many other persons, I believe two weeks is enough time for this stint. Jumping from 2 to 14 days locked away is a huge accomplishment and I for one intend to reward her for her effort and patience. Bring on the next video to gain your freedom and I for one shall vote to release you from your bonds.

  17. Poll closed, please vote on the most recent poll!

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