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Yesterday, I received Amarantha’s first self shot video report. She appears to be in a toilet (at work), where she tells you about her first night, toilet visits, skin discomforts, and more! She really wonders what she got herself into, because it’s only the first day and you will certainly not let her out right now…
Even so, she pleads to be released soon (using the word ‘please’ about 500 times in this report), because the Deal is a lot harder than she anticipated. All Chastity Deals begin like this, the first day is the hardest, and it is never like you would have imagined in your fantasies. A real chastity belt is tight, uncomfortable (until you get really used to it), and there are all kinds of physical problems you didn’t even think about until you are locked into one.
I’m sorry, Amarantha, for not posting this yesterday, I was a little busy… I admit that was evil… There will probably always be a day delay between Amarantha’s report and your voting on the website, so even if you vote her out of the belt, she will still have been waiting for an extra day to read the responses to her latest report.
Please vote below. Visitors: you are allowed to vote, but since you haven’t heard Amarantha make her case, please do not vote if you are not sure about your decision, this is not a game. Members: please watch the ENTIRE report to make up your mind. You can only vote once.

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  1. Hello Amarantha if you can help, Dominique has been kept in chastity by Francis for a year and survived. This shows that it is possible to wear a chastity belt for a long time. Best wishes for the coast challenge.

  2. keyholder says:

    Dear Amarantha: I’m one of these users who wish to see you belted to you become a begging, frustrated, melted pile of puddy. Therefore I have decided to choose “no” you should not be released from your prison. Parole denied =^.^=

  3. ChastityLover says:


    I’m very proud of you for undertaking this chastity deal.

    It is a great opportunity for self exploration and supercharges this great website by giving control to the members.

    Please perservere and work hard to stay in your belt as long as you can. We want you to enjoy the experience as much as we will. You will be released at the right time, so have no fear. It is a new experience for us and for you. I look forward to a lot of mutual satisfaction.

    Thank you again for giving us this wonderful opportunity!

  4. That belt sure is tight! And good thing too, since you’ve tried to get at yourself once already. Recording a failed attempt at self-pleasure would be an excellent way of getting on our good side…

    Despite your nervousness, you seem to be handling it very bravely. And it looks like you have hidden the belt very well under your clothes. Keep it up!

  5. Sorry Amarantha, as much as I applaud your willingness to put yourself through such an ordeal, I still have to vote “no”, as I think that it is too soon. I think that, as Wendy says, you will find it easier in a few days… the weekend is too short, I think.
    Keep up the excellent work, keep up your courage, you know that we all support you!
    Not to mention the fact that you look wonderful in your belt…!

  6. Dear Amarantha, you’re doing it so excellent, i’m very proud to know such a girl.
    It seems that the first couple days are the hardest, but when you keep up a little bit, and used to the belt, it will be better. If i can give an advice, try to occupy yourself things wich need concentration, this way you thinking less about the belt, and used to it easier. Maybe WendyNeko can prove this.
    If this count, Sylvie and Deborah did 10 days without any experience,(and not to forget Donna with her 30 days, also totally unexperienced) so i’m sure you can do it.
    So, keep it up!

  7. Amarantha, with those smiling eyes, no way you are getting out soon!

  8. No, Amarahtha your plight is just begining…So get used to it. I venture the uncomfort is worse than not being able to reach girls love bud…..

  9. My god you are cute. I simply love your collar – perfect on you. I see you had it off for the metal bondage shoot but otherwise – is it 24// ??
    Fo the belt – you just started… :-)

  10. This poll is now closed, please vote on Amarantha’s most recent update. Result: 4% of you wanted to let her out.

  11. Is that belt normal, ergonomic or super ergonomic shape? I would guess it’s not the super ergonomic due to the hip bone problems you realize?

  12. Styleand Steel says:

    Beautifull Girl and Great Collar Eternity

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