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The mixed response from you (the members and visitors) to the last update was overwhelming. I really don’t know what to do, but i will just keep doing what I think is best. Some say Donna should never have been unbelted (30 days = 30 days), even if it was only for a minute and it was all on camera (no chance of doing anything naughty). Others can’t thank me enough for letting Donna try a plug. It has always been hard to please everyone with this website, but I hope you will understand that I am trying the best I can to do so.
Before Donna arrived, the most requested Challenge was definitely a plug. So that’s what I went by. The risk was huge, but amazingly enough Donna was willing to try it. For about an hour. That’s when she asked me for the keys to remove the plug from her body. Not because of the steel balls inside her, but because of the pressure on her hips. From today’s interview, one could even get the impression that she almost felt sorry she couldn’t enjoy the plug some more. No problem, I let her out (and she dutifully belted herself back into her red My-Steel using the regular front shield), and made arrangement for the plug front shield to be corrected. It was only around the 10th day, so there would be time to give the plug another try.
As promised, I asked Donna about her opinions on the plug and she gave me an honest interview on camera. You will be very surpised at the way she expresses her feelings about having a cold piece of metal locked inside of her! This gave me hope for the future :) I let Donna run around in her belt for the next few days, not mentioning the plug again. Even though it only lasted one hour (even less probably), this was promising!

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  1. NickName says:

    It’s very simple I guess. As soon as it gets too uncomfortable or even unbearable it is not right and should be corrected

    I am a huge fan of your site but cannot afford the member access lately – still seeing such a young petit girl like Donna in a Belt with a plug is wonderful.

    Keep it coming
    And Donna: Love your new look on things and attitude!
    You can do it!

  2. Intermittent Subscriber says:

    I have to say that I find the idea of throwing a hissyfit over a few minutes of supervised unbelting to be very bizarre. This is the real world people, not a story on altairboy’s site! Real people who practice this fetish in real life need to take breaks for a variety of reasons. Not having cleaning breaks is already very harsh!

    I personally would be perfectly happy with someone in Donna’s situation having proper (supervised) cleaning breaks. Add in edging sessions and I would buy a year’s membership so fast I’d leave a dust trail in the air like a Looney Tunes character; but I know there are legitimate issues that make that a tricky avenue for you to explore.

    • A teasing session would defenitly bring some life in those chastity deals, otherwise they quickly become boring, especially because the girls dont talk much and you just see them walking from left to right

  3. ChastityLover says:

    I agree completely that supervised removal is no problem. After all, the chastity belt prevents free access, and so does the very short, supervised shield exchange. You did the right thing. We would have been quite disappointed if the plug wasn’t used at all. I’m happy to hear you plan another possible challenge with the correctly sized shield.

    I can’t get over how comfortable and happy Donna looks in all the photos and videos. Her smile shows that she is enjoying our attention and that makes it more pleasing for me.

    This is going to be the best contract yet. Many thanks to you and to Donna for providing such high quality entertainment for us!

    Grazie ancora, Donna! ogni aspetto che fai è migliore di quello precedente. mi piace vederti così entusiasta e desideroso di finire ogni giorno e sfida per noi. Sono molto soddisfatto di te!

  4. fokusnik says:

    I personally have no problems with supervised (brief) removal for cleaning or so on… hygiene is important ! That being said, I would love to see Donna wear the “corrected” plug-shield for longer periods, maybe with a corresponding bonus ?
    Anyway, I think that she’s doing wonderfully.
    Donna, è un piacere di vederti, come sempre.

  5. Ben Wa and chance 2 cum? Domininique is straight but she could help with cleaning.

  6. Donna, you were very brave to try this challenge as only a few other models have done so. You are even more brave to talk about it, as far as I know you are the only one to do so. Thank you. As far as cleaning goes, it’s best to have a supervised cleaning once a week for hygiene reasons. If Donna feels better she will smile and talk more, then everyone wins.

    FYI from personal experience, if you use a fine hand file and shave away a little of the lock body where it is notched, but shave it on an angle away from center, it will slide over the post much easier.

  7. Well, dear CB Host, welcome the marvellous world of the unpleasable fanbase : From now on, whatever you do, there will be a part of your public to say : We want something else. :)

    For me, the plug was a GREAT idea.
    As you said last year during Donna handcuff challenge, you thought it was a miss because CB isn’t a site about bondage.
    Here, I think the failure comes from the shorter front style : You aren’t a bondage site, you aren’t a BDSM either.

    However it’s great to see that her experience didn’t turned her off. I hope this challenge will come up again for Donna (12h or even better 24) with a more bearable front shield.

    And yes, unless someone invent a way to insert or remove dildo without removing the belt (which would ruin the belt’s purpose …) I’m completly OK with the belt removing to allow her to ‘change herself’.

  8. I have to be honest, I don’t understand all the grief you’re getting. Do I agree with every step you take, no, I don’t expect to. I enjoy your body of work so if I’m sweating the details then I’m not seeing the forest for the trees. Thing is, this is the only site like this. I appreciate the fact you make this content available. So please, keep doing what you’re doing the way you’re doing it. Me, I’m just enjoying the ride.

  9. Thaniel says:

    I’, very pleased with you taking the cahnce with plugging Donna up. It was a surprise that you had this planned, but a pleasant one. I hope it will be redone with the shield set in properly and at a normal angle.

    While I can see that some would disagree with any kind of unbelting, I see no reason why it in this case would be a problem, since with supervision, the purpose of the CB is still being upheld, chastity. (plug disregarded here :) ).

    This site is wonderfull, and following up in a decently serious way, a fetish that have for so very long been pushed away to fantasy, imagination and little hard facts. Keep up the good work, and give us more plugged Donna when you’re both ready to.

    (Former, not currently, future again member)

  10. Ingemar says:

    Donna, if you got a longer shield holding the plug would it be possible then that you tested again?

  11. Locked_inSteel says:

    Donna complained that the plug locked under her chastity belt “feels tight”.

    From what I saw, and taking into account her petite & slim body frame, and considering the fact that she has never been plugged under chastity — the type plug she is wearing is not the best choice to start with.

    Donna’s plug has Four 15mm to 30mm solid heavyweight steel spheres, and as you mentioned, it a medium (intermediate) training plug – NOT A STARTER!

    I also saw that the shaft is short and the large 30mm ball is partially out and stretching her hole open! All balls should be buried deep inside! That’s why she was constantly pushing the shield up to get the bottom ball inside for more comfort!

    Therefore, that steel plug forced and locked partially inside her delicate vagina is too hard, heavy and intrusive and it’s normal for her to feel stiff, over-sensitive and discomfort — eventually irritation and pain.

    The shaft of her plug, in addition of being short it’s also too thick! Unless she likes walking with her hole stretched wide open, it’s comfortable or pleasant!

    In conclusion:

    I highly recommend to get her a SMALL starter vagina plug, 2 balls (15mm and 20mm wide) with a LONGER and THINNER shaft.

    PS. I have considerable personal experience with full steel chastity belts and plugs.

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