chastity belt 

Ladies and gentlemen: we got her! Little Caprice, the number 1 cute girl on the planet (top model at x-art, holly randall, and many more glamour adult productions), will be locked into full chastity for at least 24 hours here at!
Granted, it is not a very long contract, but she is a very very busy girl, shooting all over the world. To have her in full chastity, here at our place, just to watch her, and spend some time with her, that will be great! And take it from us, for a girl like Little Caprice, 24 hours is already very long, she is one of the naughtiest girls you have ever seen on this website! She loves to play with herself, especially at night and in the early mornings, so it will be a very restless night for her!!
In this update, you will see Caprice relunctantly signing a contract that will have her in chastity belt, chastity bra, collar, and wrist cuffs for at least 24 hours without any breaks at all. Then she proceeds to lock all the gear onto herself. She is pretty good at it, only needing a little bit of help (but not much). The belt is pretty tight, she has to hold her breath to lock it!
Her challenge starts now! We will take her home and film and photograph her progress, frustration, and just how her awesomely cute body moves around our place in full chastity. Caprice wasn’t too sure about all this, but we are positive that this could be one of the top ranking Chastity Deals of 2013!


15 comment(s) to “A little Deal with Little Caprice!”

  1. David Sellmon says:

    This time I have to give you props for not putting on thigh bands since I think those pants look super hot on her.

    • Would have been interresting to lock thigh-bands on after those shorts.

      • That’s a fantastic idea. How long can she hold it? When she has to go, she’ll have to cut off her own pants. Did she remember to bring a skirt?

        • She can still pull them down over the middle chain/lock just like panties under a garter belt. Or she could cut the crotch and make them into a mini-skirt.

  2. So the deal is just: wear it and get the money? Or is there more to the deal? No offence but if the latter is not the case, Caprice’s rank will be nowhere near Natalia Forrest ;-)

  3. Too bad she can’t do 48 hours. Waking up and knowing that the belt will be removed that day is much better than waking up and knowing that you will spend the entire day and night locked in the belt.

  4. You say “at least”! Does that mean that you can punnish her to do 48 hours?

  5. even prettier in all that shiny metal gear maybe with time another regular like Nataliae Forrest

  6. YasmineLover says:

    Very good job with Little Caprice and this contract. I wish more of the girls would talk on the videos. Your Natalia Forrest videos where she talks are my favorites.

  7. slavelabor says:

    No shackles or thigh bands???

  8. So uhm… is the download safe and all?

    • no if you download satan will pop out of your underwear draw and force you to drop the soap as it were

  9. sher definately needs to spend sometime plugged in the future sure shed enjoy that shes just to cute and dirty to get away so easily :P