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Your request for a little more fighting spirit in our updates has not gone unnoticed! There are some of you who’d love nothing more than to see hot girls in chastity, fighting and tugging all the time. The frustration and the unforgiving nature of metal are a big part of this fetish, and we will try to show more of that, although it does not really happen ALL the time in most Chastity Deals.

Our lovely resident model Dominique is not often seen in full chastity, that’s because she only owns a custom belt and her mother thinks a belt is the most important part. Thigh bands and a chastity bra are rather impractical devices. But now we have taken Dominique in our care, we are free to add gear and challenges to her daily life, whenever we want! Yes, when she is working as our shoot assistant, Dominique is always belted, and often even in full chastity. Her main task is to make new girls feel at home and comfortable. Don’t believe us? We will soon be making shoot visits available to members, allowing you to drop by our studio or locations when we shoot! You will have the opportunity to see for yourselves! Also, we are working on live feeds, for you to check on 24/7 Deals and see behind the scenes action!

We asked Dominique to try everything she could think of to get out of this full chastity gear, touch her boobs, or even break a chain. A monetary award was offered for any private part touched. After about a year in the belt, she instinctively goes for the bra and the thigh bands. She knows she can not break the belt, she tried that about a million times before! Check out the gorgeous picture set and the video to see if she can do it!


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  1. That smirk is adorable. If possible could she do an AMA on reddit or something similar to answer? It would be good publicity.There isn’t a wrong answer just some truth for a practice we can agree women would enjoy if it was better presented.

  2. Any word on another plugged chastity belt?

  3. a really beautiful assistant, now to get a rigid style belt locked on in place of the one she’s currently wearing

  4. Nice girl..

    Idea: making off video and she how a shoot at the studio works? From the step inside the door and the step out of the door..

    She how a shooting day for a model is.. The welcoming (with dominique i guess), the shooting and so on..

  5. Need to use this style latch/lock on the rigid chastity belt so it does not have a padlock that moves and is much sleeker. Also if you made it lock in the back that would make it a little more unknown to the lady. It would seem like it was built onto her from the front point of view. Great mind trip. Cheers.

  6. love the idea of live feed 24 7 I would certainly rejoin for that sounds very good

  7. fight-the-belt says:

    Well, that is just a delicious few minutes of struggling and straining right there. If this isn’t my favorite clip on this sight, it’s very, very close. Thank you!

    • fight-the-belt says:

      So, thinking about this further, it occurs to me that it would be nice to hear a more vocal side to the struggle as well, in whatever language the model speaks. Groaning and straining in any language can be really sexy, especially when it’s done by someone like the models on this site, fighting a belt like that.

  8. It looks like her belt has made her sit up straight for so long that its finally taken its toll. she could use a break to do some crunches. put a little muscle back on her abs. maybe even add an inch to her chastity belt.

    • young-engr says:

      She could bringe or plank they are saying that is better on your spine then crunches. Yeah she is missing some “muscle” though if you look closely with 1/2 of you screen zoomed to an old pic and a current pic. If you don’t use it you lose it I guess. But she does do other thing besides chastity.

  9. People must be asking her this a lot: Doesn’t Francis look a lot like Barbra Streisand?

  10. Is anyone else hearing Bruno Mars – “Just the way you are” playing in the back of your heads? There’s just something about smokey eyeshadow and polished steel.

  11. Long time no update her news, when there is a new picture?

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