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A lot of you have been asking for some more footage of Donna on day 29, the day we cuffed her wrists to the sides of her belt. We know that was wrong, this is not a bondage website. So we decided not to show too much of that, we did not want to scare potential candidates for a Chastity Deal.

Another reason why we did not publish a lot of day was that the secondary night camera turned out to be a terrible device. The footage from that camera is barely usable, it had a different angle on the bed, but the night vision and particularly the auto-focus were really bad in the dark.

Still, we managed to find a salvageable piece of video where you can see Donna getting no sleep at all, waking up all the time realising her wrists are cuffed to her waist. She had to sleep on her back, of course, but this was brutal. Now you know why Donna looked so tired on the day of the final unbelting!

Yes, we have received an email from Donna, and yes she wants to come back, she needs the money, and in hindsight it was not so bad (she thinks). Everyone will start shouting ‘PLUG!’ in the comments below, we know, but we are not sure if she is up for that. We are not even sure how a plugged Deal should work and what is possible. Just stay tuned and you might just see her return, but for now, Donna safely remains in Italy and that’s a long way from us and any scary Chastity Deals.

Remember the Donna updates are not shot in a studio so picture quality may vary. Member pictures and videos are not censored in any way.

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  1. chastityman says:

    Donna with your new ergonomic chastity belt for a new deal ?

  2. A nonmember here:

    I find a bit amusing that she thinks it was not so bad in hindsight. Once the acceptance train starts rolling, more exposure will only add momentum. It’ll be quite interesting to see if she becomes more permanent addition to the site.

  3. Traumaemt says:

    I personally believe you are mistaken. Chastity is a form of bondage. You are binding their body parts from their usage, whether it is their vagina, breast, thigh being opened, or all of the above. So yes, it is bondage.

    Adding wrist cuffs goes along with trying to stop a woman from “accessing” or trying to tamper with their chastity devices, if you would like to think about it that way.

    It can also help in the scenario based themes to help a woman become more frustrated, or to “help” with the adjustment period of the chastity belt equipment, because they would not be able to pick at it, or try to take it off, or damage it or themselves in any way due to the frustration of the gear being locked on at first, or towards the end, when the frustration is at it’s highest!

    Just a thought. But I definitely would not say it was wrong. But again, that is just my opinion.

    • Traumaemt says:

      By the way, former member, and hope to be a member again soon (when finances allow).

    • A former subscriber says:

      Erm, I guess maybe we’re interested in the fetish for different reasons? Perhaps I’m more interested in the frustration/orgasm denial aspect, and you’re more interested in the bondage aspect?

      Different strokes for different folks I guess, it’d be a be a boring world if we were all into the same things, right? You have my apologies Traumament, for any implied slight on your interests, if you like seeing handcuffs and thigh bands and all that jazz, then good for you! Chastity can be a broad church, so to speak : )

      I still stand by my points about wanting to see more frustration/teasing stuff though, along with the other suggestions.
      I would like to become a member again, if I think that there’s content that speaks to my interests in the future- I hope there will be, since I’m sure I’m not alone there. The most recent video with an interview seems a real step in the right direction : )

      (I really liked the “Restless Night” video, as well.)

  4. I do not think it’s the money that attracts Donna back.
    She lacks the chastity belt! ;)

  5. Alenonimo says:

    Alright. You don’t like cuffing the girls because it’s not a bondage site. Kinda dumb since people here like both and wouldn’t mind at all but whatever.

    But I still think they could be wearing the cuffs on their wrists and ankles even if not tethered to anything. What do you guys think?

    • think thats not such a bad idea completes the look bra beklt and cuffs whole shibang make an excellent studio photo session

  6. Thank you for posting this! <3

  7. Watcher says:

    can you please stop saying “this is wrong, we shouldnt have done this” because the two cuff videos are hands down the best two on the site…

  8. Locking her hands to the belt while she slept was a bit too extreme. Also, despite the strong desire for most visitors to see more plugged babes there are far more issues with that than just a straight chastity belting + other bondage gear.

    How about putting her in certain types of clothing as part of her deal? For one day it might be a clear PVC/latex catsuit, another day it might be a plastic/rubber top, skirt and stockings set, and so on. It’s a bit beyond the scope of the site but I’m sure the visitors won’t mind.

  9. I think next time around you should do more teasing and denial with a sybian or vibrating plug. Females needs teasing while belted or they don’t feel the full effect.

    • You can get a fully insertable 12 function bullet vibe for as low as $9 Stronger ones may cost more. Belts can be adjusted for micro vibes over the clitoris. Not to even mention electro play. It doesn’t even have to be painful. It can be the most pleasure she’s ever felt.

  10. Pssst… how did she get undressed and tie up her hair with her wrists locked to her belt? I guess you came back huh :p

  11. roadie12 says:

    apparently she wasn’t as angry as she was when locked in her chastity deal.I agbree that she would be a welcome addition to the site

  12. Wishfulthinking says:

    This looks amazingly frustrating. I would LOVE the chance to even just wear a nice fitted belt….

  13. David Sellmon says:

    As it goes for me, I’m a big fan of Donna’s and I really hope you will have her over again soon. Personally, I think even if she’s not willing do more than a ‘standard’ 30 days deal again, just the belt and no additional gear, it would be totally worth it. If she is willing to accept more challenge though, my idea would be the following: First, put her in a chastity bra additionally for the whole period. She will be able to cover her gear fairly well and it will not hinder her to wander outside and explore Holland. If she is still with you, I would propose that you lock on thigh bands 24/7, but only connect them (with a padlock of course) if she is in the apartment. This way you will have a cheerful, smiling Donna enjoying her unrestricted stride and almost forgetting her predicament every time you take her outside, and a dull, frowning Donna when she finally arrives at home and her legs are safely locked together again.

    Also, I mentioned this before, thigh bands without chains connecting them to the belt, just holden by their own tightness, would be not only safer and more restrictive but also aesthetically much more appealing I think.

    BTW, does the webmaster read all comments, also the ones to older posts?

  14. As far as monthly chastity deals with plugs go. I’d simply use common sense. One can still be on her cycle while wearing a chastity belt. And you still have the rest of the month for any other insertables.

  15. as much as i love to see plugs mite scare poor donna off and she is damn cute maybe another couple week contract and some photo sessions with bra belt and cuffs collar whoel shibang like i said above also as others have stated activities tourism etc

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