chastity belt 


Tiffany, Melissa, and Brittany were shocked to find out that they will be in full chastity for 2 days! And there is no way of knowing that is even true. They are in a locked house with barred doors and windows, it is cold and scary!

Fortunately, they found a little food: some bread, 3 apples, and even some little chocolates (that were well hidden so maybe they were not supposed to find those). There is also plenty of water, in fact there is A LOT of water. Is their captor trying to get them to use the toilet in these belts? Anyway, the food and water will sustain them for 2 days, that’s not the problem. The big problem is being locked into loads of metal! Their legs are padlocked together, so they have to shuffle through the house, and getting up and down the stairs is a lot of work.

The girls huddle together on a leather sofa. In a few last weak efforts, they try tugging at the waist belt locks, but they are just metal blocks with a long cylinder lock inside. No way of getting that open! The bras are digging into their chests, and sitting down on the rigid belts is not easy. Tired and cold, they grab a blanket and try to keep warm, while discussing their situation. Their long wait has only just begun…


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  1. This womens are very much beautiful. When I become a membership i want to see this video! They must sit close together and make them mutual hot. Then it is them not more cold! But they can not touch them mutual. That is very sexy!

  2. Ingemar says:

    Would it be possible that you introduce subtitling for those films with Czeck girls?

  3. I’d like to have girls dressed like this around the house. Dream is cheap :))

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