chastity belt 


Still searching every nook and cranny of the creepy cold house, Tiffany, Brittany, and Melissa are very desperate (and cold!) when they finally end up in some kind of bar room. They have a feeling there should be something here, hopefully a set of keys, but it is very hard to find anything with all the things lining the walls and shelves.

They have seen a few doors and windows that lead outside, but they were all locked. On the outside, all doors and windows have protective steel bars, even the front door! They remember that from circling the house looking for help. Now they are locked indoors, in full chastity outfits! Who would do such a thing? Probably some pervert, but they haven’t seen any camera’s anywhere, so what would he get out of it?

Suddenly, Melissa discovers an envelope under the beer tap! It looks like it was placed there very recently. There is a letter inside. The girls eagerly read every word of the letter, but they are very shocked to find out what it says! The keys to their belts (and the house) will be mailed to them in 2 days!! They will have no choice but to wait! It is cold, and scary. And they have no way to reach anyone! How will they cope with this situation? All the basic human needs now have priority. Will they find food and water? How will they stay warm? What about toilet visits?

To be continued next week… Stay tuned!!


7 comment(s) to “Breakdown! – part 3”

  1. Nana Nomklock says:

    Any idea what they’re saying?!

  2. Poor girls. It’s too bad they weren’t plugged the whole time.

  3. A plug for each girl have been interesting! When they woke up, and both felt the plug and noticed that they all wearing locked full chastity… :)

  4. MacMatzinger says:

    Must be funny, 3 girls to have in the house, one very horny boy.
    every hole is restrikted, no way for him.
    who have more pain…the girls or the boy??

  5. Any luck with subtitles? Do you need translators or just more time?

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