chastity belt 

After her Sybian reward, Little Caprice was locked right back into the belt for 1 more day. And yes, that also meant one more night. So I didn’t lock the bra back on, as she had almost passed out (for real) the day before. It was just too much for her. It can be done if you teach yourself diaphragmatic breathing (instead of chest breathing), but if you are not used to that you will need to focus on your breathing all day. And you can’t do that when you are sleeping.
No worries though! A belted Caprice is already lots of fun (for us, not for her), and I decided to take her outdoors for some distraction. We went to a park for a walk, but as we got further and further away from the car, she started to have difficulty walking in the belt. I guess Caprice isn’t as used to chastity belts yet as I had hoped. The main problem is of course that she can never be belted for more than a few days, because of her job (famous adult starlet) and her busy bookings around the world. So she just will need to come back more often to get used to her belt.
I like this new belt style! It is cute (with a heart shaped locking plate), but it is also very comfortable because the waist band is angled for less pressure on the hip bones. Caprice wasn’t so convinced but she thought it was better than her red My-Steel (which is now owned by Anahi my studio assistant). Even so, she barely made it back to the car after our walk in the park. I took her shopping next, and she was a little bit happier and moving around more freely. I guess girls just love shopping so much they forget about the belt! (take note of all these top tips when you are trying to get your girlfriend/wife used to her belt)

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  1. Lovesteel says:

    Little Caprice should have her own belt and bra so she can practice daily and get used to it. The belt, bra, and color look so good on her. She should be locked in whenever possible,

    When there are problems wearing the bra maybe make is a bit more loose by one notch. A tight bra of course is the best. But when it becomes unbearable it may be better to make it easier a little bit than to not wear it at all. When used to it it can be made tighter again.

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