chastity belt 

Cobie is gorgeous! She has such a perfect body. When she decided to be naked around the house (the Chastity Mansion), I did certainly not mind at all! She just thought it was easier, with the thigh bands locked to her belt. She couldn’t wear comfy leggings anymore, and it was very warm in the house, so she just decided she wouldn’t wear anything at all!
Relaxing in a swinging egg chair, Cobie was trying to read a book, but she soon got distracted by her thigh bands and belt. She then stood by the window, completely naked, not even caring about the neighbours! They must have seen a nude girl in chastity quite a few times by now. Cobie was not worried, she just said ‘if they have seen me, lucky them!’. She does not think chastity is a strange thing, and that’s good! Every girl should be in chastity (this website’s ultimate goal), and it should be accepted and completely normal.
The thigh bands were bothering Cobie though, they are very noisy and it is quite hard to move around (for example, getting in and out of a swinging egg chair!). She asked me to take them off, and just do the rest of the Chastity Deal in her belt and collar (because the thigh bands were ‘too intense’), but I didn’t give in. My plan was to keep her in thigh bands till the end of the Deal! And I think Cobie secretly liked the Challenge, although it wasn’t always easy…

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  1. LoveSteel says:

    Nice update. But Cobie needs more protection in a full chastity outfit. Where is the huge chastity bra for the rest of the deal? She must like it to be added.