chastity belt 

These girls! They just keep talking and talking. About clothes, guys, makeup, shoes… they were driving me insane. It was such a hot day too! I decided to stick them in the prison cell for a while so they could calm down and think about their situation. Of course, that did not have the effect I was looking for.
The girls were dressed in prison outfits, but they took them off within a minute just because it was ‘too hot’. Dressed in nothing but their belts, collars, and cuffs, they talked and talked (again) about all kinds of things. I guess Anahi and Cobie are real good friends now! They share the same ordeal, so that helps bonding.
After they got a bit bored, they decided to experiment with some handcuffs and ankle cuffs that were hanging from the prison bars. That was not my intention, and there was no key. Cobie and Anahi managed to get stuck in a very awkward way, but that’s their own fault. I wasn’t going to help them with the cuffs, they shouldn’t have touched them in the first place. I just left them there for a nice long time, and it looked like they calmed down a bit eventually.
After I got them out, we all went to dinner. We had a great time, and Cobie was doing so well! She still had a long way to go, but she was born to be in a chastity belt and she loves it, so this Deal would (hopefully) be no problem for her at all!

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  1. A captivating update!

  2. DonnaFan says:

    That social aspect is fascinating. Just taking a photoshoot alone is boring. But chastity friends… I like!

    I.M.O, Anahi is more cute, and Cobie more chaste. Well, propably not chaste at all in her naughty mind.. But only forced to be! And that’s what we like.

    Put a social aspect on a chastity deal. Like two (lesbian?!) girls to chastity at same time, and if another one teases other to quit, she get the both moneys! Hmm my imagination runs too wild when two chastity babes are put in same cell… Anahi would be perfect tease… but don’t want to scare her off.

    Or invite Mr.Dutch2018 finalist – or whatever local Hunks you have there – to have a dinner with chastity babes… and give them a key and a task seduce chastity babe out of their belts. I’m sure you would have many volunteers!

    You would save some money, and add a REAL emotional challenge!

  3. They are both gorgeous. I love Anahi’s glowing skin and beautiful smile, Cobi really needs to give her a big kiss to reward her for her engaging conversation!
    Seems like the next step is to gag them while they do their chores.

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