chastity belt 

Of course, when my assistant Anahi heard that Cobie was back in Holland, she just had to come over and meet her! No problem, because Anahi works in my studio several times a week, so this dynamic duo was going to meet up anyway!
Anahi is locked in her mandatory chastity belt, cuffs, and collar when she comes to work. The tight red My-Steel fits her so well, and she is very used to wearing it. Cobie was in her 5 week Chastity Deal of course, so they were both belted when they finally met again after not seeing each other for over 18 months! I added some cuffs to Cobie’s wrists too, so she wouldn’t feel disappointed when she saw Anahi’s cuffs.
The chore in my studio today? Well, we had a huge pile of second hand clothes come in, and it was Anahi’s job to sort through it and see if there was anything good in it. Cobie was more than happy to help her. Girls and clothes! I could have left them there all day while they were trying on everything in this huge pile of clothes. It was pretty useful, as they found some great stuff that would be perfect to wear over a chastity belt. There was also a lot of stuff that wasn’t suitable, or did not fit Cobie’s big boobs.
All in all it was a great afternoon, because the girls were dressing and undressing so many times. Great views of their belts, and it’s nice to hear them catch up after not seeing each other for such a long time! I think they will become good friends! Chastity friends :)

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  1. I wonder a bit how two women find it, to do everyday tasks together and both wearing chastity belt.

  2. LoveSteel says:

    Great, but like to see more full chastity as promised. We know both these girls also have a proper fitting bra so put them on please! Thanks.

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