chastity belt 

Dirty Mary is an owned submissive. She lives with her Master and she serves him 24 hours a day. A lot of this time, Mary is locked in her chastity belt, as her Master believes that she should be kept chaste at all times, until he wants to use her. Like KittyDenied‘s Master however, he likes to use her mouth more than her vagina, so Mary often serves her Master orally, and does not get any satisfaction herself. Satisfaction from serving her Master is enough for Mary, because she is a true sub.
Needless to say, all this chastity time gets her very horny and aroused. But it also helps her to focus and do her best in her training. Because there might be a reward if she tries really hard to please her Master. Locked in a steel cage for hours, in the dark dungeon, Mary is happy when she is let out. She knows it is just for oral training, but it’s nice to stretch and get to show her skills to her Master.
Mary regularly practices on a mounted dildo to perfect her oral skills. She is getting quite good at it. Master watches from behind the camera and he sees how horny Mary is, but he does not let her out of her belt. In fact, after her dildo blowjob session, he tells her to strap a penis gag into her mouth and sends her back into the cage. The penis gag is quite large and Mary’s eyes are wide open when she slides it in. She is so horny right now, but she is belted and there is nothing she can do. Mary goes back into the cage, penis gagged, all she can do is wait until her Master comes back.

4 comment(s) to “Dirty Mary – dungeon”

  1. Kayleighhhh says:

    Woww what a girl
    wich i was lucky enough to find a master for 24/7 submisive being haha

    • I don’t think it is that hard :)

      • Cristina says:

        Part of my submission is how often master goes away. He’ll beat me and use me and then leaves for the night, maybe days, to take care of our daughter alone. I don’t know how to be submissive enough to break our separation agreement.

        I remember the first time he choked me when we were newlyweds, he promptly ran out the door leaving it unlocked. It was the first time I baked him a pie. I think he hated it. I begged for him to come home, just to sleep, and he told me to call an ambulance. So I did! The cops came, and looking for him! By the time they came back to interview him a few days later, he was back, and I filmed them to make sure they would go away. He didn’t stay long though.

        A few weeks later I sent him a picture of self-asphyxiation as a way to appease him since he wouldn’t live with me after that. He would come and go as he pleases. He called the emergency line and told them I was attempting suicide. They broke down my door and found me naked! The female police officer draped my tiny hand towel over me. It was so embarrassing, but I had to spend days in the hospital under observation. Of course the doctor there let me go, advising me he knew it was just sex, and off I went to finish my PhD and soon found I was pregnant!

        Our daughter is lovely. I work part-time from home and hope to homeschool. She loves ballet and swimming and I’ll put her in piano lessons soon. We don’t talk to our parents anymore who seemed to put unreasonable expectations on the meaning of marriage. I’m longing to serve my husband in a home together, but he’ll have none of it; the more I’m longing the more he’ll run away. I wonder how I can submit so he will trust me, and how I can earn his trust, after a rough start! We should be laughing!

        Anyway, it’s my first day in my belt. My husband helped lock my up and took the keys with him. It bought me a time frame as to when he’ll return!

    • We're out there says:

      If you know where to look, we’re not that hard to find ;)