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Kerry smokes quite a lot, which means she had to go outside all the time. And the weather in Holland isn’t the best this time of year! Then again, Kerry is from Scotland, so she is used to this kind of weather I guess.
Whenever Kerry took a smoke break during her Deal (which was quite often), it was not really a break of course. I did not remove any of her chastity gear for these breaks. She was still locked in her belt, tight chastity bra, collar, wrist cuffs, and ankle cuffs. And don’t forget Kerry still had a fairly big nylon dildo inside of her! She just put on some clothes on top of all this when she went for a smoke. Not because she was cold, but because she wanted to ‘protect me’ from getting a very strange reputation in the neighborhood. So nice!
Still, I tried to get her to flash her belt and restraints, because it is fun and exciting to be in chastity in public. A lot of neighbors and cars were passing, and Kerry doesn’t really mind being seen in chastity gear (after all, she was in my BoundCon promo team this year!).
If anything, this was all a little too easy for Kerry. She moved freely and had a lot of fun with the plug inside her. There was no real way for me to make it any harder during this Chastity Deal. So next time, I will have to pull out all the stops and go for remote vibrators, electro plugs and nipple pads, and long term bondage. Chastity Deals should be a little harder than this! Kerry is too tough, she could wear this stuff for ages and still smile!
Of course, her Deal wasn’t over yet, so I was hoping the duration of the contract would still get to her. But it certainly didn’t look like it would!

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  1. Surely your neighbours have some idea what it is you do?
    Or is there a ‘public’ outside image alongside the ‘other’ interior?

    Anyway, can I suggest a challenge;

    Send Babe back home*.
    But……instead of taking the ferry, they’d have to get on the plane WEARING the belt – double plugged! – (but obviously pre-warn security) & submit to a ‘thorough’ security search!
    Then wander around the nearest city* asking people to bid money (maybe for charity) to be able to hold the key (without knowing what it is for) for 1 hour – highest bidder wins & then at the end of an hour said lucky bidder gets to see the belt & gets to have dinner with whichever Babe

    *Maybe I’m being biased, but I’d nominate Kerry because;
    A She looks as though she’d enjoy the challenge!
    B She has to leave Holland/come back to Scotland sometime
    C I live in Glasgow & it would be soooo much fun to see a real
    Chastity Babe in the flesh, as it were

  2. Hi!

    I do smoke and hate to sound like a joykkiller, BUT

    I know there is a considerably large community of solo and sub denial sluts who see and feel models of your fantastic website a bit of a role models. Mostly you are showing quite clean and healthy image of the models and sexuality overall. So thank you for that.

    I bugs me a litte to see a great model and role model having a smoke on camera. Because I do not think that smoking is a thing that should last. Of course I do not want you to bann smoking or anything, this is an adult site after all and all habits are ok. Just please do not make a number out of smoking.

    Thank you and sincerely yours,

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