chastity belt 

Kerry was sent straight to the bedroom after she received her chastity bra and her belt was fitted with a big vaginal plug. She was told to go to sleep, because this Chastity Deal was going to be a tough one and she would need to rest.
Of course, Kerry couldn’t really sleep with this big plug inside of her. She got more and more aroused as she moved around on the bed, trying to figure out if she could get the belt off (or even the bra). This is a good fit NeoSteel belt with a protected padlock system. There is no way to get it off. Actually, if I would lose the keys then we would be in a LOT of trouble. There is no fail safe or secret way to remove this belt. We would have to go to the fire department and even they would have trouble removing this belt in a safe way. Never mind the raised eyebrows we would be getting.
But all this moving and shifting caused Kerry’s plug to move slightly in and out. That did not really help to get her to sleep. She squirmed and squirmed, until I went upstairs and I found her riding a pillow! She was sitting on a pillow thrusting her hips back and forth ‘because it felt good’. Kerry is so naughty! Luckily she can’t orgasm from this plug alone, she would need some extra stimulation on a spot she couldn’t reach. She was getting so frustrated! I told her to go to sleep anyway, but I knew that wasn’t going to work. It’s always the same with these Deals, I end up with a very frustrated girl, not just from the plug but also from the lack of sleep… eventually they all get so tired they will sleep anyway, but never on the first day.

Plug status: still inside Kerry, proof is in the video, check it out!

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  1. Not as easy with the plug, is it? I’m sure a latowski with a well textured penis tube isn’t much easier either. Even if you are circumcised; sensitivity can still build up. If I had $1,500 I may look into a wireless vibrator mod if not their standard remote shocker. They say level 4 is good enough to stop any argument cold.

    • Please make your next comment about the girl or her attire, not about your personal phantasy, there are other sites for that.
      Great to see you back Kerry, always fun to see your cheerfull face i really hope you make the 4 days with the plug still inside.

  2. Kerry needs a bit of training. It is a good bed to secure her with a few pair of handcuffs ( Or cuff her hands to the belt.

  3. Chastity belt

  4. Kerry has a good life now :)

  5. Not being able to get out of the belt ever when the key is lost, a most exciting idea. When the deal is over, she must find the keys first if she wants to get out the belt, bra, and the rest of the gear. Hide the keys somewhere outdoor and have some extra fun. And she knows what happens if she cannot find those keys…

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