chastity belt 

So nice to get a private look into this couple’s kinky life! Dirty Mary’s Master likes to give her assignments and challenges from time to time, and one of their favorite things is pet play.
Wearing nothing but her chastity belt (of course), Mary finds a mysterious box waiting for her on a chair. It says ‘for my pet <3'. She is very curious so she opens the box. It is filled with all of her favorite pet play items! The inside of the box reads 'wear these!'. Being a super submissive belted pet is very natural for Mary. She would love to live like a pet forever. A pet with a great Barbie doll body and a 24/7 chastity belt. I'm getting a bit jealous of her Master! Obediently, Mary starts to put on all of the things in the box. There's her favorite pet head harness with cute ears, a big leather collar that she has to lock with a padlock, kinky boots locked with padlocked straps around her ankles... and then Mary's favorite thing: a nice fox tail butt plug! The Access Denied belt is Mary's own custom made belt, so the anal opening is lined up perfectly for plugs. Mary wets the buttplug with her mouth and pushes it through the anal opening of her belt. She has now been transformed into a super cute sexy pet! There's just one more thing to do: she needs to chain and lock her collar to the leg of the table, and patiently wait for her Master to come play with her. I'm pretty sure he did not wait long, who wouldn't want to own a perfect belted pet like Mary! It's so great to see this couple play! Don't miss it!

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  1. WOW! Absolutely fantastic! Dirty Mary is GORGEOUS! Her Master is exceptionally lucky to find such a submissive. Thanks for the update. More like this please. Maybe a future ponygirl scenario would be great!

  2. Thanks so much for pushing the girls beyond mere chastity. The granny boots are gorgeous and the headgear and tail are cute. Mary is beautiful, curvy and sexy, a great girl. Well done. Hopefully we will see more of her, in ever more embarrassing situations!

  3. This looks awesome. I particularly enjoy the combo Chastity Belt + Anal Sex, so I love watch them getting plugged.

  4. Someone needs to invent lockable nipple clamps and make Dirty Mary put them on herself and toss the key aside

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